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21 May


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18 Apr

It would have been super helpful that if they told me after my ultrasound that I may have some spotting… because I totally freaked out.

I saw the spotting, it was grayish/brown/maroon and literally grabbed my phone and headed to LMs office. I know her office is safe from ears and I can use it as a safe space ūüôā So I go over there and ask her what to do… she told me that she believes that spotting after an vaginal ultrasound is pretty normal but I decided to call. So I call, and I have a message, of course, for the Triage nurse. I tried to call Ty… he didnt answer so I text him. Then the nurse calls back and tells me it is normal and if the spotting is bright red, then I need to be concerned… I tell the nurse I love her…. I hug LM and the ordeal is done…

Totally would have been helpful to know.


17 Apr

Ultrasound day.

Dont google your¬†ultrasound¬† It leads to bad things. I was prepared for the worst, not seeing a baby and having to go through the entire ectopic thing again and the best, seeing something. A fetal pole, a blob, a dot, I didnt care. I worried the entire way to the office. Our appointment was at 3:15pm and the hour drive from my office to their office really wears on my bladder. I peed immediately when I got there. I almost peed my pants checking in. Ty got there around 3pm and we waited. They called us, I got weighed (Ty got nervous because he thought I weighed less than I should) and was told that the ultrasound would be a vaginal one… Hello Didlo Wand.

So I got undressed and Diane checked my uterus to see how it tips and inserted the wand. She then told me I needed to pee before she could¬†proceed¬† I literally peed about 20 minutes before, how was this possible… but it was, I scooted my little naked butt into the bathroom and peed. I got back up on the table and Diane inserted the Dildo… She was quiet. I was tense. Ty was peering over the table to the screen. Then she said, yep, I can see the sac and the fetal pole is right there…. Then she told me my bowls were full, which, is probably true because up until that day, I pooped EVERY DAMN DAY in the evening. She then called in Kristen, remember her, to double check since Diane thought I was about 6 weeks. I tried to tell Diane that I ovulated on Cycle Day 19/21 so I probably was 5 weeks and 4 or 5 days.


Kristen came in and was surprised and happy to see us. So she proceeds to insert the wand and do alittle exploring. She then said the same thing, there is the sac and there is the fetal pole. I started to cry alittle. She also told me to rest my legs¬†against¬†her body and to relax. So I tried to. ¬†Kristen said that she thought it was too early to heart the heartbeat but wanted to go over my timing again. We decided I was 5 Weeks and 4 days… thus why they could not hear the heart beat. Kristen said it would be best to have me come back in two weeks but knowing me, maybe a week would be best. So, on March 7th we have another ultrasound. She also mentioned I had a small cyst on my ovary which was normal and my ovaries and¬†uterus¬†looked good. Go me.

Funny thing, as I am laying there,¬†pants-less¬† waiting to get dressed, Ty asks Diane about his SA results. She types something into the computer but said she did not have them. Ty said he just wanted to know them just because… Diane and I both looked at each other both thinking the same thing… your boys did their job what else do you need to know. But Ty wants to know…

2/18/2013, 2/20/2013 and 2/21/2013

16 Apr

Blood Tests…. As soon as I got my positive pregnancy test I knew that blood tests would be in my near future…. My first was on Monday morning at 6:30am on Feb 18th and my second was at 6:30am on the 20th. Of course, since I talked to Jennie on Saturday the 16th and she was at the hospital, I knew that having the order ready to go at 6:30am Monday Morning would be slim to none… When I got to Fanny Allen, I checked in and waited. The phlebotomist¬†came out and said she didnt have the order. My heart sank. Not only did It sink because I knew no one would be at the office to call to check on the order but now I would be late to work. But this lovely girl at the Fanny Allen office called Maitri, someone was actually there, and got my tests confirmed. I was in and out. On Wednesday, in and out and done…


Thursday I had my phone with me the entire day… waiting on the call about my results. The ONE DAMN time I leave my phone at the front office for about 5 minutes, it rings. I have a message and the message is Jean the tiage nurse at Maitri saying everything looks good and that we need to schedule an ultrasound for 6 weeks, 8 weeks and then my prenatal appointment. I WAS SHAKING!!! God bless the world. I tried calling the office back but I got voicemail. Figures. I have to go into LMs office to make any baby related calls because I dont want my office to know yet… just because of our past history. They called back and I took it in the conference room where I spoke really low… My numbers were 196 on Monday and 593 on Wednesday. We set up the ultrasound for¬†February¬†27th and my first prenatal for March 26th. I was literally dancing on the ceiling!


15 Apr

We got a late Valentine’s Day Present in the form of a Positive Pregnancy Test.

Of course, I tested on Valentine’s Day and it was negative. It was a disappointment but I figured we would just continue with the HSG testing and see what happened.

I was still feeling alittle off so Tyler told me to take a test on Saturday morning. I peed on the stick not thinking anything of it and got in the shower since I had work that weekend. Low and behold, I get out of the shower and it says POSITIVE. Tyler and I hugged and cried alittle as I was still wet and naked. My whole body was shaking. We called Sarah and ¬†my mom (and yes, in that order) and he told his parents. I went to work… crying the entire way because I was so excited and so scared. I told LM when I got into work… and at that point it¬†didn’t¬†matter what happened at work, I was happy.


This was actually the day that Dr. Jennie called me from the Hospital to give me the results of the Progesterone Test. In that blog I told you what happened but there is more to the story. The reason I called her back at the hospital was because I was going to have to call her anyway to get a blood test on Monday. When she answered the phone to give me the results, I told her I knew them already since I had a positive pregnancy test. She told me that my level was through the roof and that was a good thing considering the positive test.

Upon going home I decided to take another test, just because. Well, we had a come to¬†Jesus¬†moment. That bastard said “Not Pregnant”. I was upset, sad and thinking OH NO! Well I decided to take the test apart and see if I could see the blue line. Mind you, Tyler was on his way home at this point. I probably should have thought how to break open a test but instead I grabbed a small screw driver and little hammer. As I am trying to pry this thing open, while I have the test that said pregnant literally staring at me still on the table, Ty comes home. He walks in on me and goes “We need to not be this crazy, lets get off this train, what are you doing?” So I tell him and he takes a look at the stick, removes the pee on part and then sticks a pen into the empty slot and the things magically opens… Should have thought that one through in¬†hindsight. We see the double lines. Faint but its there.

I tested every day with the various tests I had laying around until 2/23/13, because well, you never know.



Checking In – I am not dead

22 Feb

Hello All, I am deep in tax season / getting our kitchen cabinets season and thus that is why I have been absent from my blog. Its not that I dont love you all and that we dont have funny stuff happening to us, its that I am too damn tired to do jack shit when I get home at night other than eat, yoga and then sleep.


Ty and I are doing well. The kitchen cabinets are coming today and we should be ordering the counter tops ASAP. We are back in the living room which is so nice since we are no longer confined to the bedroom. The cats have gotten a new cat tree which is great, because it has a cat hammock, which will be so cute, if someone would use it! We have our new furniture which comfortably fits both Ty and I laying together as well as the dog and both cats. So we have one big happy family.


We are still on this crazycatlady baby journey and we are awaiting some test results to see what our next steps will be. Truthfully, I have let go of trying to control everything since meeting with Jennie as well as getting my Monitor. Its a nice feeling.


I have been writing a bunch down so that I can remember to blog about it when tax season is over so dont worry, more humor to come!



18 Feb

On Saturday while I was at work my cell phone rang. The caller ID said it was FAHC pre-registration. I looked at the phone as if it was crazy because I was not scheduled for any tests yet so I ignored it. They left a voicemail.

As I listened to the message it was Jennie with my blood test results… She said she was on call at the hospital and she was killing time as she waited to deliver a baby and she hoped she would catch me but since she didn’t she would call on Monday.

Oh hell no. We are discussing these results today. So I call the number back and the message says “you reached this number because someone called you from the hospital. This number is a generalized number and you will not be able to reach the person who called you. Please dial the number they left on the message to reach them.”

DAMN it!!! She didn’t leave a number! But… The last line of the message said “stay on the line to have the operator connect you with an extension.”


So I speak to the operator and tell them that my doctor called but didn’t leave a number and maybe they could page them for me. She did.

Jennie and I talked. My progestrone level was through the roof. Go me! She then asked “how did you get through to me?” UT OH… So I tell her and she laughed and told me I was not the first person to do that.

Thankfully… I may be crazy but I’m not the only one.

Now we wait for Tyler’s results later this weeks!


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