18 Apr

It would have been super helpful that if they told me after my ultrasound that I may have some spotting… because I totally freaked out.

I saw the spotting, it was grayish/brown/maroon and literally grabbed my phone and headed to LMs office. I know her office is safe from ears and I can use it as a safe space 🙂 So I go over there and ask her what to do… she told me that she believes that spotting after an vaginal ultrasound is pretty normal but I decided to call. So I call, and I have a message, of course, for the Triage nurse. I tried to call Ty… he didnt answer so I text him. Then the nurse calls back and tells me it is normal and if the spotting is bright red, then I need to be concerned… I tell the nurse I love her…. I hug LM and the ordeal is done…

Totally would have been helpful to know.


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