18 Feb

On Saturday while I was at work my cell phone rang. The caller ID said it was FAHC pre-registration. I looked at the phone as if it was crazy because I was not scheduled for any tests yet so I ignored it. They left a voicemail.

As I listened to the message it was Jennie with my blood test results… She said she was on call at the hospital and she was killing time as she waited to deliver a baby and she hoped she would catch me but since she didn’t she would call on Monday.

Oh hell no. We are discussing these results today. So I call the number back and the message says “you reached this number because someone called you from the hospital. This number is a generalized number and you will not be able to reach the person who called you. Please dial the number they left on the message to reach them.”

DAMN it!!! She didn’t leave a number! But… The last line of the message said “stay on the line to have the operator connect you with an extension.”


So I speak to the operator and tell them that my doctor called but didn’t leave a number and maybe they could page them for me. She did.

Jennie and I talked. My progestrone level was through the roof. Go me! She then asked “how did you get through to me?” UT OH… So I tell her and she laughed and told me I was not the first person to do that.

Thankfully… I may be crazy but I’m not the only one.

Now we wait for Tyler’s results later this weeks!

One Response to “Crazycatladystalksdrjennie”

  1. nobodysperfick February 18, 2013 at 12:04 pm #

    Promising news!

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