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Checking In – I am not dead

22 Feb

Hello All, I am deep in tax season / getting our kitchen cabinets season and thus that is why I have been absent from my blog. Its not that I dont love you all and that we dont have funny stuff happening to us, its that I am too damn tired to do jack shit when I get home at night other than eat, yoga and then sleep.


Ty and I are doing well. The kitchen cabinets are coming today and we should be ordering the counter tops ASAP. We are back in the living room which is so nice since we are no longer confined to the bedroom. The cats have gotten a new cat tree which is great, because it has a cat hammock, which will be so cute, if someone would use it! We have our new furniture which comfortably fits both Ty and I laying together as well as the dog and both cats. So we have one big happy family.


We are still on this crazycatlady baby journey and we are awaiting some test results to see what our next steps will be. Truthfully, I have let go of trying to control everything since meeting with Jennie as well as getting my Monitor. Its a nice feeling.


I have been writing a bunch down so that I can remember to blog about it when tax season is over so dont worry, more humor to come!



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