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15 Apr

We got a late Valentine’s Day Present in the form of a Positive Pregnancy Test.

Of course, I tested on Valentine’s Day and it was negative. It was a disappointment but I figured we would just continue with the HSG testing and see what happened.

I was still feeling alittle off so Tyler told me to take a test on Saturday morning. I peed on the stick not thinking anything of it and got in the shower since I had work that weekend. Low and behold, I get out of the shower and it says POSITIVE. Tyler and I hugged and cried alittle as I was still wet and naked. My whole body was shaking. We called Sarah and  my mom (and yes, in that order) and he told his parents. I went to work… crying the entire way because I was so excited and so scared. I told LM when I got into work… and at that point it didn’t matter what happened at work, I was happy.


This was actually the day that Dr. Jennie called me from the Hospital to give me the results of the Progesterone Test. In that blog I told you what happened but there is more to the story. The reason I called her back at the hospital was because I was going to have to call her anyway to get a blood test on Monday. When she answered the phone to give me the results, I told her I knew them already since I had a positive pregnancy test. She told me that my level was through the roof and that was a good thing considering the positive test.

Upon going home I decided to take another test, just because. Well, we had a come to Jesus moment. That bastard said “Not Pregnant”. I was upset, sad and thinking OH NO! Well I decided to take the test apart and see if I could see the blue line. Mind you, Tyler was on his way home at this point. I probably should have thought how to break open a test but instead I grabbed a small screw driver and little hammer. As I am trying to pry this thing open, while I have the test that said pregnant literally staring at me still on the table, Ty comes home. He walks in on me and goes “We need to not be this crazy, lets get off this train, what are you doing?” So I tell him and he takes a look at the stick, removes the pee on part and then sticks a pen into the empty slot and the things magically opens… Should have thought that one through in hindsight. We see the double lines. Faint but its there.

I tested every day with the various tests I had laying around until 2/23/13, because well, you never know.




Positive Test – Not So Fast

2 Oct

Even when Tyler and I get a positive test it’s not going to be a cause for celebration.

Being Ectopic previously, I have to get a blood test (well several, most likely two in a 48/72 hour time span) to confirm that the pregnancy is viable. If my hcg levels do not double within 48/72 hours there could be cause for alarm. Of course this means that I get to drive my ass down to Fanny Allen… do the intake with a very lovely person and then march over to the Phlebotomist and give blood.

Do you know that a Phlebotomist usually only makes up to $18.00 MAX! I think thats crazy considering you are jamming a needle into a persons arm… its kinda a big deal and they deserve more. Trust me, after having weekly blood tests for a month and a half, the good phlebotomist seriously deserve a cookie and a kiss after drawing blood and the bad ones deserve to be sent back to school ASAP.

So even with a positive pregnancy test, Ty and I are not out of the woods yet. Of course, we will be excited and over the moon but wait until we get that phone call with my levels to truly celebrate.  A women is considered 4 weeks pregnant as of the day her period was supposed to start. OF COURSE, everyone makes mistakes and can mis-pinpoint ovulation or implantation so you gotta give the doctor some leeway when calculating the due date.  Below is a quick guide on HCG levels early on.

  • 3 weeks LMP: 5 – 50 mIU/ml
  • 4 weeks LMP: 5 – 426 mIU/ml
  • 5 weeks LMP: 18 – 7,340 mIU/ml
  • 6 weeks LMP: 1,080 – 56,500 mIU/ml

When I was ectopic and probably about 5-6 weeks along, my levels were at 148 when I was first tested then up to 160+, then down to 152, then back up to 168… That’s when we knew something was not right. The rise and fall is a big nono… When I first started to read about where my levels should be, I FREAKED. I mean FREAKED THE FUCK OUT because all I could see was the extremely high number opposed to the spread – and everyone is different. It could have been the opposite and I was pregnant with Twins and my levels could have been SKY HIGH and still Freaking the Fuck Out. Once it was determined that I was Ectopic, I got blood tests every Tuesday at 10:00am until my level was under 5. There were weeks were it was 18, then 12, then 10, then 9, then 7, then 6… TALK ABOUT SO READY TO MOVE FORWARD BUT COULDNT.

I try to remind myself that a positive test does not mean a positive pregnancy. But how can you not think that? I mean all your hopes and dreams and future plans are starting to come together. You cant ignore the test but you also cannot go waving it around in peoples faces. I think when we get a positive test, I will tell Sarah (of course), LM and my Mom. Until we get a positive blood test, no one else… Then we will think about telling Ty’s Parents but history has proved that to be a bad idea… although, maybe they will understand us not wanting them to share with anyone.

Until that day – Baby Dust – Positive Tests – Fingers Crossed – Blessings

Here is a funny –



28 Aug

Here are some trying to conceive statistics from BabyCenter.com


  • 30 percent get pregnant the first cycle (about one month)
  • 59 percent get pregnant within three cycles (about three months)
  • 80 percent get pregnant within six cycles (about six months)
  • 85 percent get pregnant within 12 cycles (about one year)
  • 91 percent get pregnant within 36 cycles (about three years)
  • 93 to 95 percent get pregnant within 48 cycles (about four years)


I took a pregnancy test today – well, come on, you all know I am peeing on some kind of stick daily – and this was my last one that I am buying until my bulk pack comes from amazon.

*** I bought a bulk pack (25 sticks) because I bought like three boxes at CVS and that was about $60.00, the bulk pack (these are the tests without the plastic around, so you need to pee into a cup and then put the strips into the cup) was like $12.00 when all was said and done. I also blame this craziness on Sarah being out of the country. Without Sarah, I have no one to talk me down. ***


Anyway, so I am not testing because its three days out from my predicted period and if I am not showing now, its not going to happen tonight or tomorrow whatever.


I came into the bedroom this morning and told Ty we were out for this month. He didn’t understand it. He said he was shocked that we weren’t pregnant. At this point, I wanted to smack him. He said we did it all month, how is that not possible. And I told him, most people take about 3 to 12 months to have a baby. and he was still shocked. I told him to read more. He was like well maybe you stressing and maybe that’s why we are not pregnant. I wanted to smack him further. No Shit Sherlock, I am stressing. I am the only one stressing. Anyway… I got snippy and I shouldn’t have but I said, well we will see how your lead testing goes this week because maybe it is you.

Anyway, the idea of this post is that trying to conceive is not easy. It does come easy for some people. Some people can just pop them out. Some it doesn’t. But, we are not allow. there are other serial pee testers out there. There are other women taking their temps and feverishly writing them down. There are partners holding their spouses hand as they wait for the test to show positive or negative. I, we, are not alone.


And if anyone says to you “Oh I didn’t have to try long. Oh I didn’t cut this or that out. Oh It just happened” You have the right to smack them. Ill bail you out of jail for assault and battery.






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