17 Apr

Ultrasound day.

Dont google your ultrasound  It leads to bad things. I was prepared for the worst, not seeing a baby and having to go through the entire ectopic thing again and the best, seeing something. A fetal pole, a blob, a dot, I didnt care. I worried the entire way to the office. Our appointment was at 3:15pm and the hour drive from my office to their office really wears on my bladder. I peed immediately when I got there. I almost peed my pants checking in. Ty got there around 3pm and we waited. They called us, I got weighed (Ty got nervous because he thought I weighed less than I should) and was told that the ultrasound would be a vaginal one… Hello Didlo Wand.

So I got undressed and Diane checked my uterus to see how it tips and inserted the wand. She then told me I needed to pee before she could proceed  I literally peed about 20 minutes before, how was this possible… but it was, I scooted my little naked butt into the bathroom and peed. I got back up on the table and Diane inserted the Dildo… She was quiet. I was tense. Ty was peering over the table to the screen. Then she said, yep, I can see the sac and the fetal pole is right there…. Then she told me my bowls were full, which, is probably true because up until that day, I pooped EVERY DAMN DAY in the evening. She then called in Kristen, remember her, to double check since Diane thought I was about 6 weeks. I tried to tell Diane that I ovulated on Cycle Day 19/21 so I probably was 5 weeks and 4 or 5 days.


Kristen came in and was surprised and happy to see us. So she proceeds to insert the wand and do alittle exploring. She then said the same thing, there is the sac and there is the fetal pole. I started to cry alittle. She also told me to rest my legs against her body and to relax. So I tried to.  Kristen said that she thought it was too early to heart the heartbeat but wanted to go over my timing again. We decided I was 5 Weeks and 4 days… thus why they could not hear the heart beat. Kristen said it would be best to have me come back in two weeks but knowing me, maybe a week would be best. So, on March 7th we have another ultrasound. She also mentioned I had a small cyst on my ovary which was normal and my ovaries and uterus looked good. Go me.

Funny thing, as I am laying there, pants-less  waiting to get dressed, Ty asks Diane about his SA results. She types something into the computer but said she did not have them. Ty said he just wanted to know them just because… Diane and I both looked at each other both thinking the same thing… your boys did their job what else do you need to know. But Ty wants to know…


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