Cup Lovin and Update

14 Feb

Tuesday was the day. Ty made love to a cup. His appointment was at 11:00am at the hospital, which meant that he needed to be out of the house by 10:20am. I called Tyler at 9:55am just to make sure that he didnt forget and that he knew where the department was in the hospital and that he had clean hands. He didnt answer my phone call.


When he did call back he said “I know how to Jizz in a cup, I dont need you to micro manage something that is very easy for me to do”. So maybe he has made love to a cup before? I didnt ask but its done. So now we wait. I am on Cycle Day 30, so four more days and I should have my period, Ill call the doctor to schedule my HSG and then we will wait for the results of the blood test and the Sperm analysis. So Fingers crossed!

Overlay chart

I had acupuncture last Saturday evening and Scott treated my back as normal as well as two points just above the nape of my neck, which is used for headaches and neck pains. It is a point that frequently carries the physical tension of the body. When our immunity is under siege, fighting sickness such as a common cold, this point can become tender and achy upon touch. It is also a very good point for regulating blood pressure and blood circulation. When Scott put the needles in, OH MY GOD…. it felt so good. It was like bending over and hanging, I did feel the tension release. It was AMAZING!


I am no longer taking the Tea Tree Pills and I actually stopped the Milk Thistle and Zinc. I still feel wonderful so that’s always good, my body has changed for the better! The reason I stopped taking them was because I want to start fresh. Scott did give me some Herbs which look like wood bark, I was told to boil them in 5 cups of water for 45 minutes and drink some in the morning and evening (one 5 cup boil should take me two days per Scott) as Tea. Scott said that the herbs would be sweet but to me they taste alittle bit like Miso Soup that I used to get at Price Chopper.  Which now that I think about it, I will be ordering from Amazon after I am done this post.


Kikkoman Shiro Miso Soup

But anyway, so I am addicted to this herbal tea, wood barky stuff. I like crave it. So way to go Scott! My next appointment with Scott is this Saturday at 6:30pm. I hate the late appointments but thus is the curse of tax season.


So this cycle I am okay with whatever happens. I am not hoping for anything, I wont be devastated. I will just be. Things will happen for us and hopefully we are on the right track. I already know we have a great team behind us so we can only go up from here.


Tax Season – Let Me Help you, Help Us

13 Feb

This is a totally off topic post but I am going to write it just because, well I can, its my blog 🙂


So this tax season, if you are using a CPA, I would suggest the following to make your accountants job a bit easier.

  1. If you come to the office to drop off your information, please have it ready to drop off. Dont have 5 different bags of stuff to dump on to our conference table and then sort through.
  2. Please do not set up a meeting with your accountant, especially if your situation has not changed (an additional W2 does not constitute CHANGE). A meeting is only needed for new clients or clients that have a difficult tax situation. We do charge for our time so if you block off an hour to pull out each tax document individually to show to your accountant as if it is their first time seeing a W2, you will be charged.Open and remove all envelopes, it saves us time (and you money because we charge by the hour) and we know that you have looked at what was sent to you.
  3. If you are going to write a note to your accountant, use regular white paper… 8 x 11 and write clearly. If someone has ever said to you that they have a hard time reading your writing, please type the note opposed to writing it.
  4. If you use pencil, please press hard
  5. Do not staple documents together, or Tape for that matter or paperclips either
  6. If you are printing out an excel spreadsheet, think about the readability of it, better yet, give us a copy of it so we can print it properly.
  7. Do not provide us with Tax Forms… if your CPA does not have the proper tax forms, I would re-evaluate your accountant.
  8. If you are going to have your CPA do your children’s tax return, please put the information separately so that we are aware of your intentions
  9. If you are using paper larger than legal or letter size most likely it will be difficult for your accountant to read. Many offices are digital and your records are being securely scanned, large paper is very difficult for us.
  10. Do not use sticky notes on your information, they always stick to the wrong thing
  11. Dark highlighters are our enemies, please dont use them.
  12. If you receive an “organizer” from your accountant, do not try to place your tax documents between the organizer pages. You are wasting your time because we will most likely remove them
  13. Do not come to your accountants with a box of receipts. If you do, please have them tallied, it will save you money since we will charge by the hour to tally them
  14. If you call your accountant several times as if they are your therapist, know that we bill you for our time… all our time. Don’t be surprised if you have a larger bill than normal
  15. If you are going on vacation or traveling please let us know that you will be away and the dates that you will be away. Do not assume since you put that information on a 2 by 2 sticky note in the bottom of your envelope that we will see that right away
  16. When you receive your tax return in the mail from us, please open it. We cannot file your return for you without your signature.
  17. When you do open your tax return please read all directions. CPAs use Sign and Date stickers for a reason
  18. If you receive a notice, please call us, don’t immediately pay it and DONT IGNORE IT, call us. Not all notices are correct and not all notices mean that the government is after you.
  19. If you come to our offices to pick up your return, announcing “I am hear to pick up my return” to the front office does not help. Please say, “I am Joe Smith here to pick up my return”. Even though we may remember you, it is very helpful to say who you are.
  20. If you call your accountant before 7:30am or after 7:30pm with a super important question, please dont be upset that they are not answering their phones… Accountants have families too.
  21. This is a before tax season item but helpful to remember, if you call on December 31, 20XX asking if there is anything you can do to help reduce your tax liability… most likely the answer is probably not. If you called December 15, 20XX and asked the same question, we can help you.
  22. If you plan to buy something large or sell something large… a. let us know BEFORE you buy or sell, the day of does not count as BEFORE b. don’t assume you will get a deduction c. Dont buy something for the deduction only d. keep all your records and provide them to us
  23. If you need copies of your return we are happy to provide them… if we securely email them to you, please dont ask for them multiple times throughout the year… look at your email or save your email, because we will charge for our time to send them to you via email for the 5th time.
  24. If you are faxing something over, please don’t call before the fax has been fully sent and ask if we got your fax… no we haven’t because you have not SENT it yet.
  25. Ever heard of PITA? Its the Pain In The Ass charge… we don’t actually charge for being a pain but we wish we could.


Just some tips to make your relationship with your tax preparer a joyous one 🙂


10 Feb

EWCM is more like EWWWWWWWWWW what the fuck to my husband and more like OMG YES to me.

Last Saturday I was cleaning my house like I normally do on the weekend. I have OCD or something where I must clean my house on the weekend. During the week does not cut it nor count in my eyes. So I clean on the weekend. Anyway As I cleaned, Ty was screwing around with the house and his brother, Jeff Not the Cat, came over to screw around too. As I was cleaning I got a colon kick and pooped. In the toilet  not where I was cleaning, which if you read that how it is written you may have assumed that. Anyway, The book Taking Charge of your Fertility said its best to check cervical mucus after dropping the kids off at the pool… so I did.

I immediately called Ty into the bedroom. He yelled from the living room “If this is another ‘come look at the cat because it is doing something cute’, Im not coming” and I screamed back, “COME NOW”. So he thinks its an emergency… He comes sliding down the hallway (literally the floor is slippery because of all the wood dust that we are making creating the mudroom and railings) and goes “WHATS WRONG”.

I am standing there proudly, pants down… Hand risen in the air as if I was Miss America waving to all her subjects, Thumb and Index finger touching… He looks at me, and I spread those fingers widely and smile. I whispher, “Egg White Cervical Mucus, I am going to ovulate soon and your boys will be happy swimming in it because its PERFECT for spermies. We totally need to do it”. He looks at me and goes “EWWWWWW GROSS, dont touch me with that….”.

I guess he wasn’t as excited as I was.

And maybe I need to pull my pants up because I seem to forget to do that alot when I am in a panic or excited.



8 Feb

I have been laying low lately… not because I dont have anything to say but because its Tax Season and Shit be crazy.


FYI the Cosby Show is now on Netflix… Go enjoy alittle piece of childhood heaven!


I also have been making an effort to not be as apparent, if that makes any sense. Most of the people that I follow in the blogasphere are in two categories… Newly pregnant or Starting on the road of IUI or IVF. I do not fall into either of these categories and although I am happy that both categories have found their Hope, I need to make sure that I can stay sane. So basically, its not you, its me… and my amazing ability to be all in my head.


I have been doing very good at be present in the now lately. I am done with worrying, I cant do this to myself anymore or to Tyler or my marriage. We are just going to take things as they come. I know that my Peak fertility reading thanks to my fertility monitor has eased my mind a bit but seriously, after my appointment and hearing Jennie say that sometimes even with the best hands and best timing things dont stick… I got it. Its a process. It my body, things will happen or not happen. And if they dont, I have the ability to either adopt or buy a bigger house and become those people with 10 dogs and 22 cats (not hoarded but living happily together). Tyler does not know that master plan yet but I dont think he will be against the amount of dogs or cats but he will be against the number of litter boxes we will need to clean.

Today was my blood test to confirm ovulation. I know I ovulated, I had a positive OPK (I had like FIVE laying around so I just peed on them) and I had two Peak days of fertility according to my fertility monitor. My temperature has risen so that’s also a good sign that ovulation has occurred  The blood test should confirm ovulation as well as see where my progesterone level is, and as I said before, I either have a hormonal imbalance or a blockage. So we will wait and see.


Ty has his semen analysis on Tuesday. He has been told the following:

1. Know where to go before leaving the house

1.5 Shower

2. Wash hands a million times

3. Have Jacket on

4. Have Car Started

5. Make love to the cup

6. Pull Pants up

7. Get in said truck

8. Keep cup warm

9. Drive to FAHC

10. Drop off Sample


I swear should he screw this up, we will have a few days of silence between the two of us. Seriously. And then after that we just wait. I should get my period around the 19th. If I do, I call Jennie and we set up a HSG. And we move forward. Thats all I can do at this point.


I am hoping that with tax season that the next few months will not seem as long as they have in the past. I am also hoping that by some miracle that the cost of the Pee Sticks for the monitor go down in price… I am going to use 20 sticks this month because the monitor made me start peeing on Cycle Day 6, and I ovulate later in my cycle. That will leave me with 10 sticks for next month (Apparently the sticks go in packs of ten… you must pee on ten… You get peak on day 5, you still need to pee 5 more times… You get peak on Day 17, you still need to pee until Day 20).  I am going to order more but my god, they are fucking expensive.


If I would have known that getting pregnant cost this much and would take me this long, I would have saved the money and not bought condoms all those years.


So thats where I be… And here is my chart, its not as wonderful as last months but its a good chart, I am happy with it.

chart overlay



And this post is dedicated to someone, they know who they are… Thank you for keeping me sane, listening to me moan and groan, Sharing their own stories of triumphs and failures and basically being one kick ass woman. I know that sometimes I forget to say it but you are awesome and I probably would have been in a pink straight jacket by now if you weren’t here for me. So, Thank you 🙂






This happened

3 Feb


I cried alittle!!!!

Quantifying the cost of trying to concieve

1 Feb

Now… this point is supposed to be funny. It is not accurate. It is no where near accurate but here is a breakdown. For the sake of keeping things simple all Ovulation Predictor Kits will be marked at $1.50(to find a common ground between the Cheapies and the Expensive ones), All Pregnancy tests will be at $5.00 (to find a common ground between the Cheapies and the Expensive ones).  The Acupuncture cost and the Traditional Chinese Medicine Herbs are the exact Amount I paid. As I have said, these are just estimates. How much money have you spent on TTC? Are you surprised?

Cost Per Unit Amount
Pre-TTC Appointment 119 1 119
August  OPKs 1.5 7 10.5
August  Pregnancy Tests 5 4 20
September  OKPs 1.5 7 10.5
September  Pregnancy Tests 6 5 30
October OPKs 1.5 19 28.5
October Pregnancy Tests 5 9 45
October Acupuncture Consult 80 1 80
October Acupuncture 60 3 180
November OPKs 1.5 32 48 2 times a day
November Pregnancy Tests 5 3 15
November Acupuncture 60 4 240
November TCM Herbs 10 4 40
December OPKs 1.5 52 78 4 times a day
December Pregnancy Test 5 4 20
December Acupuncture 60 4 240
December TCM Herbs 10 4 40
January OPKS 1.5 5 7.5
January Fertility Monitor 219 1 219
January Acupuncture 60 3 180
January TCM 10 1 10
January Fertility Appointment 225 1 225 Estimate
Prenatal 90 day Supply, One Daily 15.99 2 31.98
Zinc 50 Pills, One daily 6.29 2.4 15.096
Milk Thistle 100 Pills, Three Daily 14.99 4 59.96
Muscinex In September 10.99 1 10.99
B6, One Pill Daily 6.29 1 6.29 Buy one, get one free
Evening Prim Rose 11.29 1 11.29 Buy one, get one free
2021.61  TOTAL  


31 Jan

As I drove to the appointment yesterday I tried not to bite my nails. I failed miserably and they actually hurt quiet a bit today. Once we got to the appointment I was told that it would just be a discussion so I didn’t need to put on a gown or anything. We told the attending nurse what medications we were on, when my last period was, our lack of positive ovulation kits etc… I told the nurse that we sent a packet of info and that all that stuff should be in there. She went to look for it and found it, THANK GOD! I put so much work into it. Anyway, she said she would make sure the doctor looked at it.

She then exited the room and we waited. Unfortunately my Ob/Gyns office is notorious for making patients wait. I don’t know why. At my last appointment I waited 47 minutes for my pap smear. I normally would not stand for this but the doctors there are AMAZING. So we waited probably about 20 minutes and Jennie came in.  Maybe she was reading my novella I sent to her, who knows. Jennie is on the far right.


The first words out of Jennie’s mouth were “You are going to think of me as the person who tortures you”… Jennie assisted Kristen during my tubal pregnancy. I don’t think she is a torturer but my god, having your uterus emptied is nothing I would wish on anyone. Jennie asked us how we were doing and we said fine and she said NO REALLY HOW ARE YOU DOING, ARE YOU GOING CRAZY and I was like OHHHH this is not small talk, she wants to know. So we went over what has been going on with my cycle and our lack of positive ovulation tests and our timing of sex etc…

First and foremost, after telling her that one month we did it twice a day for about a week and a half she responded with “You poor people, that needs to stop”. She told us to do it every other day starting no earlier than day 14, unless we want to of course, and no more after Day 24.

Second, she told me that I am most likely ovulating, judging by my temperatures, and that most likely my LH hormone level was too low for the test to pick up. She couldn’t explain to me why I did have positive tests and now negative but she was not worried. I never knew that maybe my level was below the line of measurement, never even thought about that!

Third, she told me to throw the ovulation kits OUT. She said to rely on the monitor. She told me to stop peeing on multiple sticks a day and that I should save my money

Fourth, we discussed my previous ectopic and she asked me if I had any pain during my cycle or during sex stating that may indicate if we really do have a problem.

Fifth, she told me not to hit the panic button just yet. Which really, we all know is TOO LATE. She told me she understands why we are frustrated and tired. She said that they feel the same way when they do IUIs or Clomid and they time everything perfectly and nothing works. She reminded us that there is a 20% chance of conception each month and that it may take us awhile.

She said she could offer us two options:

  1. Keep trying, forget the ovulation kits, use the monitor and stop having sex too much
  2. Order tests, Sperm Analysis, Blood Test to measure my progesterone level and confirm ovulation and an HSG

I started to well up when she said the first option. I totally didnt want to hear that but I am well aware we are under the year mark. She asked me to decide. I told her that I wanted to have Ty tested and that I was really concerned about my tubes being blocked. I also went into saying that I know our timing is off  in terms of the year mark but with work and stuff, I really want to dive in now. I also said that of course life passes you by as you are making plans and that you cant plan everything but emotionally I need to know if we have an issue because otherwise I will go crazy. Then I cried, I told her that I felt broken. Ty reached over to me and I know he was thinking “Oh God, not this crying fit again” but he was still supportive. Jennie gave me tissues and told me that she would order all the tests.


Ty will be going for the Semen Analysis late next week (after I hopefully ovulate), I will go for the blood test on the 8th to see what my progesterone levels are and if they can confirm or deny that I ovulated. As for the HSG, it will be scheduled for a Monday later on in Feb. Jennie is the only doctor that does that at the practice and she schedules them for Mondays at the hospital. I have to wait until I am done with this current cycle before we can schedule it. Jennie said that the procedure will probably hurt and she doesnt want me to think of her as the bad doctor. I told her I wouldnt especially if she agreed to these tests anyway.


After a yummy dinner we got home and I threw out the rest of the ovulation kits that I had. We went to bed happy(well not really, I had a huge headache but whatever, there was no pressure to get er done)

We, well at least I, left feeling heard and understood. So good things on the horizon… and more medical bills but they are worth it.

I am going to try to remain hopeful and less down… but like all cycles in life, you have the good and the bad, Im going to focus on the good.


Friday, Sept 22, Saturday, Sept. 23 & Sunday Sept 24, 2017

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