Cup Lovin and Update

14 Feb

Tuesday was the day. Ty made love to a cup. His appointment was at 11:00am at the hospital, which meant that he needed to be out of the house by 10:20am. I called Tyler at 9:55am just to make sure that he didnt forget and that he knew where the department was in the hospital and that he had clean hands. He didnt answer my phone call.


When he did call back he said “I know how to Jizz in a cup, I dont need you to micro manage something that is very easy for me to do”. So maybe he has made love to a cup before? I didnt ask but its done. So now we wait. I am on Cycle Day 30, so four more days and I should have my period, Ill call the doctor to schedule my HSG and then we will wait for the results of the blood test and the Sperm analysis. So Fingers crossed!

Overlay chart

I had acupuncture last Saturday evening and Scott treated my back as normal as well as two points just above the nape of my neck, which is used for headaches and neck pains. It is a point that frequently carries the physical tension of the body. When our immunity is under siege, fighting sickness such as a common cold, this point can become tender and achy upon touch. It is also a very good point for regulating blood pressure and blood circulation. When Scott put the needles in, OH MY GOD…. it felt so good. It was like bending over and hanging, I did feel the tension release. It was AMAZING!


I am no longer taking the Tea Tree Pills and I actually stopped the Milk Thistle and Zinc. I still feel wonderful so that’s always good, my body has changed for the better! The reason I stopped taking them was because I want to start fresh. Scott did give me some Herbs which look like wood bark, I was told to boil them in 5 cups of water for 45 minutes and drink some in the morning and evening (one 5 cup boil should take me two days per Scott) as Tea. Scott said that the herbs would be sweet but to me they taste alittle bit like Miso Soup that I used to get at Price Chopper.  Which now that I think about it, I will be ordering from Amazon after I am done this post.


Kikkoman Shiro Miso Soup

But anyway, so I am addicted to this herbal tea, wood barky stuff. I like crave it. So way to go Scott! My next appointment with Scott is this Saturday at 6:30pm. I hate the late appointments but thus is the curse of tax season.


So this cycle I am okay with whatever happens. I am not hoping for anything, I wont be devastated. I will just be. Things will happen for us and hopefully we are on the right track. I already know we have a great team behind us so we can only go up from here.


One Response to “Cup Lovin and Update”

  1. Kristin Sweigard February 14, 2013 at 6:13 pm #

    Hey, Keep me updated on all your tests. Josh went back for his 4 month post surgery appt with his dr. and his numbers doubled. So, the surgery works, in case that’s your route.

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