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8 Feb

I have been laying low lately… not because I dont have anything to say but because its Tax Season and Shit be crazy.


FYI the Cosby Show is now on Netflix… Go enjoy alittle piece of childhood heaven!


I also have been making an effort to not be as apparent, if that makes any sense. Most of the people that I follow in the blogasphere are in two categories… Newly pregnant or Starting on the road of IUI or IVF. I do not fall into either of these categories and although I am happy that both categories have found their Hope, I need to make sure that I can stay sane. So basically, its not you, its me… and my amazing ability to be all in my head.


I have been doing very good at be present in the now lately. I am done with worrying, I cant do this to myself anymore or to Tyler or my marriage. We are just going to take things as they come. I know that my Peak fertility reading thanks to my fertility monitor has eased my mind a bit but seriously, after my appointment and hearing Jennie say that sometimes even with the best hands and best timing things dont stick… I got it. Its a process. It my body, things will happen or not happen. And if they dont, I have the ability to either adopt or buy a bigger house and become those people with 10 dogs and 22 cats (not hoarded but living happily together). Tyler does not know that master plan yet but I dont think he will be against the amount of dogs or cats but he will be against the number of litter boxes we will need to clean.

Today was my blood test to confirm ovulation. I know I ovulated, I had a positive OPK (I had like FIVE laying around so I just peed on them) and I had two Peak days of fertility according to my fertility monitor. My temperature has risen so that’s also a good sign that ovulation has occurred  The blood test should confirm ovulation as well as see where my progesterone level is, and as I said before, I either have a hormonal imbalance or a blockage. So we will wait and see.


Ty has his semen analysis on Tuesday. He has been told the following:

1. Know where to go before leaving the house

1.5 Shower

2. Wash hands a million times

3. Have Jacket on

4. Have Car Started

5. Make love to the cup

6. Pull Pants up

7. Get in said truck

8. Keep cup warm

9. Drive to FAHC

10. Drop off Sample


I swear should he screw this up, we will have a few days of silence between the two of us. Seriously. And then after that we just wait. I should get my period around the 19th. If I do, I call Jennie and we set up a HSG. And we move forward. Thats all I can do at this point.


I am hoping that with tax season that the next few months will not seem as long as they have in the past. I am also hoping that by some miracle that the cost of the Pee Sticks for the monitor go down in price… I am going to use 20 sticks this month because the monitor made me start peeing on Cycle Day 6, and I ovulate later in my cycle. That will leave me with 10 sticks for next month (Apparently the sticks go in packs of ten… you must pee on ten… You get peak on day 5, you still need to pee 5 more times… You get peak on Day 17, you still need to pee until Day 20).  I am going to order more but my god, they are fucking expensive.


If I would have known that getting pregnant cost this much and would take me this long, I would have saved the money and not bought condoms all those years.


So thats where I be… And here is my chart, its not as wonderful as last months but its a good chart, I am happy with it.

chart overlay



And this post is dedicated to someone, they know who they are… Thank you for keeping me sane, listening to me moan and groan, Sharing their own stories of triumphs and failures and basically being one kick ass woman. I know that sometimes I forget to say it but you are awesome and I probably would have been in a pink straight jacket by now if you weren’t here for me. So, Thank you 🙂






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