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Quantifying the cost of trying to concieve

1 Feb

Now… this point is supposed to be funny. It is not accurate. It is no where near accurate but here is a breakdown. For the sake of keeping things simple all Ovulation Predictor Kits will be marked at $1.50(to find a common ground between the Cheapies and the Expensive ones), All Pregnancy tests will be at $5.00 (to find a common ground between the Cheapies and the Expensive ones).  The Acupuncture cost and the Traditional Chinese Medicine Herbs are the exact Amount I paid. As I have said, these are just estimates. How much money have you spent on TTC? Are you surprised?

Cost Per Unit Amount
Pre-TTC Appointment 119 1 119
August  OPKs 1.5 7 10.5
August  Pregnancy Tests 5 4 20
September  OKPs 1.5 7 10.5
September  Pregnancy Tests 6 5 30
October OPKs 1.5 19 28.5
October Pregnancy Tests 5 9 45
October Acupuncture Consult 80 1 80
October Acupuncture 60 3 180
November OPKs 1.5 32 48 2 times a day
November Pregnancy Tests 5 3 15
November Acupuncture 60 4 240
November TCM Herbs 10 4 40
December OPKs 1.5 52 78 4 times a day
December Pregnancy Test 5 4 20
December Acupuncture 60 4 240
December TCM Herbs 10 4 40
January OPKS 1.5 5 7.5
January Fertility Monitor 219 1 219
January Acupuncture 60 3 180
January TCM 10 1 10
January Fertility Appointment 225 1 225 Estimate
Prenatal 90 day Supply, One Daily 15.99 2 31.98
Zinc 50 Pills, One daily 6.29 2.4 15.096
Milk Thistle 100 Pills, Three Daily 14.99 4 59.96
Muscinex In September 10.99 1 10.99
B6, One Pill Daily 6.29 1 6.29 Buy one, get one free
Evening Prim Rose 11.29 1 11.29 Buy one, get one free
2021.61  TOTAL  

Acupuncture Update

5 Jan

I totally did not update you guys on Acupuncture the last two times I went, but nothing has changed. Scott is working solely on my back, no longer on my stomach. The back points are to help relax, resolve blood statsis (in my liver) as well as to promote blood flow. Here is a great website to show you the points that he is working on.

The last two acupuncture sessions  I have been kind of half there and half on my own planet. I have noticed that since mid December I am tight. Tight in my posture, tight in my breathing, just Tight. I think I am stressed about the idea of infertility and my body is outwardly projecting it. I have noticed even during yoga, my breath is not as full as it should be. It makes me upset but I cannot seem to let go of the idea that getting pregnant is just not working for us and may not work for us.

Last night’s session was amazing. Before the session I left work early to pick up some sunglasses that I broke earlier in December. I had about thirty minutes to kill before seeing Scott so I read my book in the parking lot. I think not having to hurry from work to an appointment (while listening to the radio and dealing with traffic) allowed me to relax and focus on me. I fell deep asleep on my stomach, with my head in the annoying always leaves lines u-shaped thing, to the point where I started snoring and woke myself up several times. Before Scott treated my points, he took my heartbeat as normal and also felt my stomach as normal. He didnt ask if I felt any pressure or pain, so I am assuming he felt no types of blockage or enlargements in my organs. He did mention again that my body treats being pregnant, whether a baby is born or lost, as pregnant… so for 9 months after my ectopic, my body was still going through the emotional/spiritual motions and for about a year after that my body was “healing”. Part of me wanted to scream “well its be two solid years so what the hell is the problem”, but that would be impolite.  I also thought about all the late periods, heavier bleeding then normal periods and thought “CRAP, chemical pregnancies…” so my body has alot of healing to do according to TCM.

We scheduled our next appointment for Thursday at 5:00pm and he instructed me to stay warm (not just because it is super cold out but to help implantation) as well as to eat Yams and foods high in Zinc. I left feeling better, whole, rested and warm (internally).  My pills (the Women’s Tea Tree Pills) have been out of stock, part of me is screaming “I NEED THEM WHAT HAPPENS WITHOUT THEM!?!?!?!?” but Scott has reassured me that my body can do this, will do this.

I have gotten a few more questions via Facebook about Acupuncture and if I believe it works.  I do believe it works, I feel like a completely different person from when I started back in October. I feel clear, balanced, level internally and it gives me a chance during the week to stop and regroup. I believe that you need to go in their with an open heart and mind and know that whatever you may be seeking acupuncture for may not be cured immediately and that sometimes aiding the body in one aspect can uncover another underlying condition. I think finding someone you are comfortable with is a key too. Scott and I had an instant rapport. I answered his questionnaire with more information then he probably needed and I provide him with weekly updates to that we can all be on the same page.

Here is an example of a weekly update:

Hello and Happy New Year!

So this month, no positive ovulation kit but according to my chart, I
ovulated somewhere on the 31st. I didnt notice anything cramp or
physically on the 31st or at any point this month so we can just go
with what the chart says. I did have a darker than normal read out on
the 31st at 2pm but when I tested again at 7:00pm nothing. I have been
doing 4 tests per day, because really, I cant get enough of peeing on
things. I was doing the digital tests at 9:00am and then at 7:00pm and
the bulk strip tests at 2:00pm and 10:00pm (estimated times obviously
because I cannot pee on cue). I thought I would have all the bases
covered but I guess I missed ovulation. I have been checking my
cervix, which if you ever asked me 6 months ago if I thought about
checking my cervix, I would have said hell no… but so I am checking
it and its been pretty high, open and soft which is what happens
during ovulation. Who knew your cervix was a wealth of womanly

Energy level has been high, no tiredness/lagging all good things. I
have been getting a good amount of sleep and sleeping very well.
Pooping has been going pretty regular. Emotionally I have been okay.
Good positive attitude, ready to have a great 2013.I did cry a bit on
new years day because I thought I would be pregnant by now, or at
least that was my plan, and you know what they say, life happens while
you are too busy making plans, so that is water under the bridge and
we continue to move forward and timelines are silly anyway.  So had a
cry, let the emotions come, and then moved on and watched an episode
of Downton Abbey. We have been doing yoga pretty much every other day
which is awesome. Eating very well, much more balanced now that the
holidays are over. I have been resting after sex. Drinking warm things
because it is really epicically cold and I could not even imagine
drinking a glass of water with ice in right now since my nose hairs
froze this morning.

Ty has been doing his exercises and I do actually notice a difference
in, how do I put this in a lady like fashion without being totally
gross, notice a difference in his “amount”. Which cant hurt right?

So yeah, that’s that. See you at 3:30 today!

Scott tells me the weekly emails are very helpful, it helps him plan where he wants to work on me as well as it gives him an idea of where I am with my cycle. Of course if someone is seeking acupuncture for pain management or emotional well being it may be alittle bit different. Scott has alot of patients that see him for pain management. I see them come and go and more often then not they always tell him how much better they feel / quicker they are healing. I swear by acupuncture at this point, even though the expense is starting to hurt our wallets. I even think my weekly appointments are better than a massage. ‘

Hope this post was helpful!!! 🙂


Welcome 2013!

2 Jan

Happy New Year! I hope everyone had a great holiday season filled with family, friends, warmth, health and love.


Our holidays were uneventful which was good in my book. Personally I was ready to close the chapter that was 2012 by mid-december. I am looking forward to a new year. Even though December was not as wonderful as we had hoped, we did have a very blessed holiday season. It was wonderful to spend time with Ty’s Family and to FaceTime with my mom on Christmas Day. Now that all the presents are unwrapped and slowly finding their homes in our house, we are ready to tackle the rest of the renovation in the kitchen/living room and fertility.


The beginning of 2013 is also the beginning of tax season for me so I will not be posting as often as I would like due to the long hours and long weeks I will be working but I will be positing. I am slowly counting down the days to our month end appointment with the Doctor. We need answers, my soul needs answers because I feel as if I have aged 20 years in the last month or so from stress.


We have been continuing on with our Acupuncture weekly although come February I will be out of money and will need to figure out a way to budget it into my finances  I want to continue. It brings me inner peace but at $240 a month and then $40 in pills and then the regular medical bills, I need to figure something out.


I am also still taking the pre-natals, milk thistle, zinc and women’s tea tree pills. I am about to throw in the towel with the ovulation kits, even the nice smiley face digital ones… because I am not getting a sign of ovulation. So, that should be interesting to see at our appointment. Maybe I wont ovulate this month. I also never got a positive in November so maybe that is the issue. It is actually causing me to be very sad. I have been doing two digital ovulation tests a day…and now that it is the time when I should be ovulating, I am doing four kits, two digital and two bulk wondo tests. I did get a faint line on Monday on one of the tests but have not seen anything since. It is disheartening to say the least. We have been diligent in the bedroom and Ty has been doing his exercises but I do not have much hope for this month or the next few months. I truly know something in wrong. So much so that I cried after sex the other day because I feel so hopeless that even though we are trying our hardest, that nothing is going to come of it. I dont like being that person, I am sure that Tyler does not like to be married to that person either. Something needs to change. And Fast… so hears to 2013 and finding out what the heck is going on.


I will post some uplifting funny things in the next few days. I am glad to be back. I have missed everyone!


Happy New Year!

Oh and REALLY… fucking Kim Kardashian… she needs to go away. I cannot even being to start my bitch about why that news hurt… I think it hurts the most because of her poor sister Khloe. Which, by the way, if anyone watches… Khloe went to doctor after two years of not getting pregnant… and she didn’t know she wasn’t ovulating. You would think with all that money, she would have ovulation kits coming out of her ears but whatever. So Congrats to Kim and I wish her a great pregnancy but I really dont know why she is famous or why she should grace any magazine covers 🙂

Acupuncutre Update – But Still taking a break from Blogging til New Years

16 Dec

I thought about this long and hard and decided that I will continue with my Acupuncture updates because people seem to be interested in them. I often get facebook questions regarding my experience and if I believe Acupuncture is helping me. So, I decided I will blog only about my Acupuncture til the New Year and then resume CrazyCatLadyWantsBaby as normal.


To answer the question I get the most is do I believe Acupuncture works… Yes. 100% Yes. Now, Acupuncture is what you want it to be, if you go in there thinking that it wont work, you probably will not get all the benefits out of it. If you go in looking for a new experience and an open mind and heart, you will get alot more. During my cold and my dislocated shoulder episodes, the points Scott used to help treat those aliments definitely improved my condition. Acupuncture seeks to resolve issues within the body to relieve the feelings that body is outwardly producing. Everything on the outside speaking to you has an inner voice that is controlling it. As For Acupuncture for Fertility, I believe it is working. My Body is very different then it was two months ago. TMI Moment, I poop like a dude regularly, I am no longer bloated or gassy (which would be from ovulation to the end of my period), my skin has improved (less break outs), my energy level is high and does not have dips through out the day and my nails are super strong. I feel balanced, I feel more in control and I feel more present daily. I hope that if you do try acupuncture, you find similar benefits.


Some people may question its ability to help with trying to conceive, and although, I am not currently pregnant, I know I will be one day and I know that Scott will be a big reason why.


Last night was acupuncture  at 6:00pm before a holiday party. To say that I wasn’t all there would be a gross exaggeration because I am 90% preoccupied with the party. I think it was a good thing for me to get out and think about something other than trying to get pregnant or the remodel on the house. But I should have devoted more time to “me” than I allowed myself last night. Scott treated my back again, mostly using points along the side of my spine.


He worked on UB42 which is the call to the unborn child which helps resolve sadness and grief. It also is the connection of the physical body to the soul, and after this last week, I needed to find that connection again. He also worked on UB17 which helps aid in blood stasis and stops abnormal bleeding while cooling hot conditions. I never thought I would have a hot condition in my life considering my cold hands and feet but apparently I do. I think When he put the needles into those two points, I definitely felt a sharp 2 second twinge. I think Scott worked something out with those two needles. He also treated UB23 which helps tonify the Kidney as well as UB31. UB31 is a very interesting point for me. Last week there was a very definite visible pain and recoil in my body when Scott put the needle in me. This week, there was pain and burning for about 5 seconds. This point is supposed to resolve any infertility issues and aid in the blood flow to the pelvis. Why this was so interesting to me was that midway though my session, my stomach became very heavy. As if it there was a hole in the table where my stomach was and my stomach was just hanging. It was heavy but not uncomfortable. I also got an odd Tennis Ball type feeling in my right lower hip area, which Is the area I believe my pregnancy was in before. It felt like someone slipped a tennis ball under my body on the table and it was just hanging out. I actually hand to reach my hand under my hip to make sure that something wasn’t there. The stomach and the hip sensation resolved themselves by the end of the session and I walked away only with massage table face. I told Scott of the stomach feeling and he said that “You sound pregnant”… I said “Sadly No but…” And then Scott said “You will be, soon, and it will last, your body is getting stronger”.

Scott and I made an appointment for next Friday and we are continuing with the women’s tea tree pills, milk thistle and prenatal vitamins. Scott is aware of my appointment in January and he actually said he is interested in what they are going to say/do. He talked with me about how after an HSG most women become pregnant within the next month because the liquid helped remove any blockage. I am hoping that Jennie orders a blood test, semen analysis and an HSG. I already have about 4 pages of notes regarding our TTC journey as well as my charts all printed. Until then, We are both keeping our head in the game and trying to relax. Scott and I have a very nice relationship, I was afraid that he would think that I didn’t believe in what he was doing when I told him about the appointment. He was supportive and wants to be involved. I want him to be involved. Its a good relationship.


Until next Saturday when I blog about my Acupuncture – everyone have a great week and for all of you that have gotten your Positive Test, Congratulations. That is an awesome way to start the New Year.


Acupuncture Update #10 and Biopsy Results

7 Dec

So after yesterdays emotional breakdown I went to Acupuncture at 5:30. I gave Scott my daily update as I normally do and said that I was weepy. As soon as I got there, Scott asked what was wrong and I wanted to cry but didnt… a question as simple as that would usually result in an answer almost as simple such as “work was hard today”, “I missed lunch”, “I am broke this week”… but I couldn’t answer it.

I could have said:

  • I hate fertilityfriend.com
  • I hate my vaginal temperatures
  • I hate my liver
  • I thought I would be pregnant by now and telling my mom she was going to be a grandmom for Christmas
  • Sex isnt fun anymore
  • My body is failing me
  • What the fuck is cervical fluid / cervical position
  • I feel like a failure
  • I feel like people are depending on me to get pregnant and its not happening
  • The Two week wait sucks

Any number of things but I couldn’t articulate it. I just told him I was just weepy and not sure why. I also told Scott that Ty was doing his homework and that he really appreciated the man to man talk last week.

Scott felt around my tummy and kept asking if I had pain on my lower right side when he pressed down. It wasn’t pain but pressure… I dont know, I think I hate whatever organ he is touching and feeling something “off”.

He worked on my back again, working on points that would calm my soul and call to the unborn child. One point on my lower left back HURT. I mean when he put the needle in my body flinched. That was the first time EVER I have felt the needle. Scott obviously noticed the flinch and asked if it still hurt, but once it was in there, no pain. While I didnt fall asleep while resting I did have alot of black space, nothingness, zero going on between the ears… which was nice. I did feel a pulling sensation in that lower left back point which directly extend to my right lower front side. This point calls to the unborn child and is supposed to relive any blockage to conception / remove any emotion from a previously failed conception. And back in 2010, my right side was where they believed the baby to be nestled.

Scott and I scheduled an appointment for next Saturday at 6:00pm because his week is really booked with the impending holiday. I told him that I would be calling  him probably mid-week for some more tea tree pills and have Ty pick them up. Overall, it was a good session. I felt more level and calm when I left. I felt a balance and sense of okay with where things were going.

I woke up this morning feeling the same, less weepy and more determined to figure out what is going on with me and my body. I went to the doctors to have my stitches removed and find out the results of the biopsy, everything looks OKAY… but not wonderful. Both moles were moderate, meaning that they could have become cancerous and that I need to watch my other moles and come back in six months. One positive point is that I apparently heal quickly and these stitches could have come out in three days 🙂

So that’s where I am at… Tonight it our office Christmas party and I am DD again (last year, I couldn’t drink because I had a dental implant a week before and alcohol was a NO NO). I think the holidays are the most difficult when it comes to not drinking, especially for a girl that LOVES to drink. Maybe I will have a half of a glass of wine but most likely not considering I am not sure where I really am in my cycle.


Everyone have a good weekend 🙂

acupuncture Update #8 – Wow Two Months Already?

23 Nov

Wednesday was a fun day for me… I had the Chiro and Scott back to back which makes for a very relaxed Mariann. At The Chiro, Erin, did some more adjustments and alignments to get my left shoulder/collar-bone back to where it should be and then she noted that my sacrum is alittle “special”. She said that its not aligned and kind of twisted all over. She indicated that this wont hurt in TTC land but it will have some major issues in Once Pregnant and in Giving Birth Land (as in very difficult if at all possible vaginal birth). So she worked on that alittle and said in time, it will be fixed but not to worry about that now. I was given homework of Planks, Leaning with one arm against the wall and dropping my head left to right with some weight (my hand). All things I can do 🙂


When I got to Scott he asked me how I was doing and wanted to focus on keeping warmth in my body. As he took my pulse he aked if Tyler would come in, not for a treatment but for general guidance and some exercises that can help his boys move. I said Ty would be up for that, without consulting him, because I mean after the Thin V. Pregnant discussion, I knew he owed me. Scott has been focusing on point in my stomach to assist with Liver function and Kidney purification. He also put needles in my inner ankle of each leg. As I laid there I could feel hot points in the needles every so often, minus my left ankle (That dude was asleep at the wheel I think). I couldn’t settle my mind at all. I think I did drift off but I was still running around in my own head. Nothing special though, just random thoughts, and none of them pertained to TTC. I did tell Scott that the last two days prior to acupuncture my body has been totally energized. Which is very true. I am able to wake up, get going and not feel tired or slow. I do normally hit a mid day (on the weekends) slump around 2pm but I think thats because I am slightly overwhelmed with the house remodel and during the week my stopping point is 9:30pm. He was happy to hear the energy level has been up, he takes that as a sign that the TeaTree Pills are working. I also told him that I can see CM alot more clearly. I think in the last couple of cycles I have been not producing enough to see any signs of it but I certainly am now… which is wonderful but also very dampening in the pants.


We scheduled our next appointment for Friday(November 30th) at 4:30… I think I am going to take Friday off, its right around the time I should see Ovulation, so it would be nice to have a day with Tyler to just Be. When I got in the car and asked, well really told him, to come with me at 4:30 on Friday so Scott could talk to him, he agreed, hesitated by agreed. I am interested to see what Scott says to him and happy that Ty agreed to go. Everything we can do to help our situation can only move us further in the right direction.


On Thanksgiving, I did a no no and had two drinks. I thought I should celebrate, also show the family I was not pregnant so please dont ask, and our horoscopes said to grab some wine and have alone time. I thought those were all valid points and decided to go with it, I did drink plenty of water to flush my system out. Today, the day after thanksgiving,while Ty works on the roof, I thought I would finish reading my TCM infertility book… well surprise surprise, the book is missing about 20 pages… 20 good pages on acupressure and breathing! WTF!!!



I take that as a sign that I should go back to reading Walking Dead and take my mind off of fertility for awhile 🙂 OR go shopping, but I can get Ty to come with me… Apparently it would be very bad if it starts to rain and we have no roof on the kitchen addition. Who knew? 🙂

Oh Amazon Prime!!!! I love you

15 Nov

So in my quest to become more likely to get pregnant this month – cause you know, every month we dont get a positive we revisit what we could have done better (timing, I swear, we needed to do it on the 27th), what was completely silly to do(this cycle, nothing too crazy) and what we think we should do next… I bought this book from Amazon for like $7.00 and I got free two day shipping because Ty is a prime member…

I thought what the hell? I mean… it cant hurt. I read the first few pages and this chick sounds like me… she had me at “putting a pillow under my hips” and “everyone seems to get accidentally pregnant” while TTC. So after my acupuncture tonight this little jem will be waiting for me. I will have to put my graphic novel of “Walking Dead” aside and bury my nose in this. The reason I bought this was I was slowly dying looking at my fertility friend chart realizing that I am fertile the last week of this month and probably wont ovulate until the beginning of December. HELLO – This is like FOREVER from now. I know with the Thanksgiving holiday around the corner things will go fast but still… it seems like forever.

Originally when I started this journey I was worried about people knowing I was pregnant too soon… now that this is month 4… I am worried that people are going “what is wrong with her?” behind my back because nothing is happening in the baby department. I know its silly to even think that people care or notice but I wonder.

I also have been toying with the idea of calling the Ob/gyn mid-december for a January appointment. I want to get in there and show her my charts… none of this waiting a year shit. I am sorry. My brain and my heart will literally explode with this monthly division of waiting to do it and then waiting to pee on it… I am going to run it by Tyler one more time because I know we are jumping the gun but I think I am the only person that is concerned I was ectopic before and maybe that is hinting at a larger problem. Ty tried to get a SA but his doctor refused to call one in… Then the hospital said without a referral they really rather not see him – even if he paid cash. WTF people… some people are impatient mother fuckers… if I want to spend $214.00 out of pocket let my man make love to a cup.

So fingers crossed for acupuncture tonight, some good reading for later tonight and some good karma for all this month 🙂


Friday, Sept 22, Saturday, Sept. 23 & Sunday Sept 24, 2017

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