I should have listened

30 Jan

DON’T TAKE MY PHOTO yelled my husband as I stood at the foot of the bed trying to get a photo of him lying in bed with the dog. The Dog of course was lying in my spot, under the covers, on the pillow. The two of them were two buddies cuddling up a storm.


I take one photo, Ty has his head covered.


I take the other photo… then a gushing/squirting/plopping sound happens.


The Dogs Ears perk up.


I stand there and go “OH GOD!”.


My softcup that I used this morning must have turned and dumped all of Tyler out.


Ty snarks, Told you not to take my photo.


I waddled into the bathroom, removed the softcup, changed my panties… and went on my merry way.


At Least I did get a cute photo. Tyler is cut out because he just has the blanket over his head.




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