New Cycle New Start

16 Jan

CD1 –


I sent my paperwork with my charts from April to the Present off to the OBGYNs office today. I included a health write-up that included the following:

  • Past Pregnancies and Losses and Treatments for the losses
  • Past Sexual History
  • Past Pap Smear results
  • Ty’s Sexual History
  • List of Medications and Vitamins Currently On
  • How my period typically is in length, flow and color
  • Ty’s Lead testing Results from this summer
  • October/November/December OPK results (including Timing of the Tests/If the Line was faint or nonexistent)
  • Lifestyle Notes on Alcohol (none unless on my period), Smoking (none and not around it), Exercise and General well being crap


I also included a handwritten letter explaining our situation and why I am concerned. I hope this helps Jennie have a productive conversation with Ty and I on the 30th. I want to go in there and be all on the same page and not have to start from scratch. Maybe I will have to and that’s fine but padding the odds can hurt, right?


I did open the Fertility Monitor last night and holy shit is that thing intimidating at first. I started it as day one today… and will start it every morning when I wake up (because you have to do that in a six hour window of time, when you FIRST turn it on and make it day 1, that is your window of time) and do what it tells me. Apparently on Day 6 I will need to test.  I am not doing OPKs this month. I dont feel like spending more money on them and doing them at work is embarrassing especially since one co-worker is really on Baby Watch 2013.  I did read that the monitor is best for people with a 26 to 42 day cycle (warning, the longer the cycle the more sticks you will go through, the normal in a month is ten sticks, so you may need to do 20 with a longer cycle) so I dont know if that helps anyone other there. You also need four AAA batteries to start the thing. And those took me awhile to find because our house is such a mess. I did find them (and mental note, we have Triple As so if one of my toys go dead, I dont need to borrow from the Roku Remote anymore!!! YIPPEEEEE).


so thats where we are at in this journey… Borrowed Roku Remote Batteries and all. My Personal Zen is restored, at least for now, knowing that I am starting a new cycle.



One Response to “New Cycle New Start”

  1. nobodysperfick January 16, 2013 at 12:16 pm #

    I am sending you lots of positive thoughts and energy!

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