Acpuncture Update

10 Jan

Lasts night session was a good session. Scott thinks that my chart looks really great as well as the chart overlay that I provided him. While the chart overlay to me is just a bunch of lines, he said that he sees clear ovulation although no positive ovulation test as well as my cycle becoming more regular and BBTs higher in general. He was actually super excited. I have hope for this cycle but I dont want to be disappointed.

Scott treated my back again during the session and again, I was out like a light. I probably woke up 40 minutes into my hour long session and when I did awake, my mind was RACING. I had that stupid Will.I.AM and Britney song in my head and I was ready to get off the table. I think my mind and my body were on two different pages and the points on my back started to sting alittle. Once I quieted my mind, the stinging stopped.


We scheduled an appointment for next Saturday at 6:30pm. This poses two problems for me, I hate going longer than a week from one appointment to another and Marty & Mike will be visiting from PA. I believe my period should start on Tuesday, so if this is the case, I should be almost finished my period by the time I see Scott.


I am getting worried about tax season hours and scheduling an appointment with Scott weekly. It is rare that I get out of the office before 6:30pm during the week and before 4pm on Saturdays. I think I will need to just book three appointments in advance otherwise, they wont happen. That is the problem with Tax season and living 44 miles each way between your home base and your office. I could change acupuncturists to someone closer to work but really, I love Scott. He is just wonderful in my eyes. He has a great vibe with Tyler and I and I do see real progress. If I left him it would be like breaking up with my long term partner of many years, devastating.

As for my chart, I have no idea what it is doing. I have never had this slow of a rise or consistent temperatures for three days straight. I am beyond confused.  BEYOND. But, if this is not our month, we will be sending the information to our OBGYN prior to our appointment on the 30th. I fear that they may tell us not to come and that we are on the right track but I am hoping that the absence of a positive ovulation kit (when trying FOUR times a day) sparks something and they dont cancel our appointment. Tyler is positive this month and I am cautious because, well because, my heart has already been through enough.


So until next week, we sit tight and wait…


chart overlay


One Response to “Acpuncture Update”

  1. Kristin Sweigard January 10, 2013 at 1:20 pm #

    I think your chart looks promising. My temps used to drop around day 10 and yours went up. Thinking of you!!

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