There she blows!

7 Jan

The other morning, Ty and I were doing our daily ritual during what should be my ovulation time. Of course, as I have said previously, I am not enjoying anything anymore because I feel so helpless so There I am, laying on my stomach and Ty is behind me.

Ty is trying to be a supportive husband and partner, he is trying to get me excited and into sex but right now my own head is squashing even his most advanced how to get Mariann to Organism techniques.  And those techniques usually make the entire town of Underhill know what is going on at the Tilton residence but not now, not when I feel so defeated.  So Ty is going at it and trying to make it enjoyable for me. I started to feel an inkling of pleasure when it happened.

I blasted Tyler’s penis out of my vagina.

I mean straight out – Threw it out the door. Kicked it to the curb. Put the the Hand up and said do not go there. Forcefully pushed it. Ejected it. Return to Sender. Ty’s Penis was forcefully pushed out of my vagina.

Cue the laughter from Tyler. And Tyler’s laughter is pretty infectious. All I could say was “Whoops”… I mean, it felt good, I think my body was like “Oh Hey, that shit feels pretty awesome, I think I am going to contract and possibly organism now”… but after kicking his penis to the curb, my body then went “Wait… Where did you go Buddy, Hello? You still there?”

And if you tried to start back where you were while laughing uncontrollably, its not possible… laughter, sneezing and coughing all cause your vagina to contract. Ty couldn’t get back in. His penis came a knocking and no one answered the door.

So we composed ourselves, settled down… and started back at it. Ejected Penis and all 🙂


2 Responses to “There she blows!”

  1. Mrs. Wuestewald January 7, 2013 at 2:07 pm #

    Haha this has happened to me, and all i can do is laugh but my hubby does not find it all too funny especially when he has his rhythm going.

    • maretilton January 7, 2013 at 2:08 pm #

      Did you tell your hubby that it takes awhile for our rhythms to get going so he should just deal 😉

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