Acupuncture Update

5 Jan

I totally did not update you guys on Acupuncture the last two times I went, but nothing has changed. Scott is working solely on my back, no longer on my stomach. The back points are to help relax, resolve blood statsis (in my liver) as well as to promote blood flow. Here is a great website to show you the points that he is working on.

The last two acupuncture sessions  I have been kind of half there and half on my own planet. I have noticed that since mid December I am tight. Tight in my posture, tight in my breathing, just Tight. I think I am stressed about the idea of infertility and my body is outwardly projecting it. I have noticed even during yoga, my breath is not as full as it should be. It makes me upset but I cannot seem to let go of the idea that getting pregnant is just not working for us and may not work for us.

Last night’s session was amazing. Before the session I left work early to pick up some sunglasses that I broke earlier in December. I had about thirty minutes to kill before seeing Scott so I read my book in the parking lot. I think not having to hurry from work to an appointment (while listening to the radio and dealing with traffic) allowed me to relax and focus on me. I fell deep asleep on my stomach, with my head in the annoying always leaves lines u-shaped thing, to the point where I started snoring and woke myself up several times. Before Scott treated my points, he took my heartbeat as normal and also felt my stomach as normal. He didnt ask if I felt any pressure or pain, so I am assuming he felt no types of blockage or enlargements in my organs. He did mention again that my body treats being pregnant, whether a baby is born or lost, as pregnant… so for 9 months after my ectopic, my body was still going through the emotional/spiritual motions and for about a year after that my body was “healing”. Part of me wanted to scream “well its be two solid years so what the hell is the problem”, but that would be impolite.  I also thought about all the late periods, heavier bleeding then normal periods and thought “CRAP, chemical pregnancies…” so my body has alot of healing to do according to TCM.

We scheduled our next appointment for Thursday at 5:00pm and he instructed me to stay warm (not just because it is super cold out but to help implantation) as well as to eat Yams and foods high in Zinc. I left feeling better, whole, rested and warm (internally).  My pills (the Women’s Tea Tree Pills) have been out of stock, part of me is screaming “I NEED THEM WHAT HAPPENS WITHOUT THEM!?!?!?!?” but Scott has reassured me that my body can do this, will do this.

I have gotten a few more questions via Facebook about Acupuncture and if I believe it works.  I do believe it works, I feel like a completely different person from when I started back in October. I feel clear, balanced, level internally and it gives me a chance during the week to stop and regroup. I believe that you need to go in their with an open heart and mind and know that whatever you may be seeking acupuncture for may not be cured immediately and that sometimes aiding the body in one aspect can uncover another underlying condition. I think finding someone you are comfortable with is a key too. Scott and I had an instant rapport. I answered his questionnaire with more information then he probably needed and I provide him with weekly updates to that we can all be on the same page.

Here is an example of a weekly update:

Hello and Happy New Year!

So this month, no positive ovulation kit but according to my chart, I
ovulated somewhere on the 31st. I didnt notice anything cramp or
physically on the 31st or at any point this month so we can just go
with what the chart says. I did have a darker than normal read out on
the 31st at 2pm but when I tested again at 7:00pm nothing. I have been
doing 4 tests per day, because really, I cant get enough of peeing on
things. I was doing the digital tests at 9:00am and then at 7:00pm and
the bulk strip tests at 2:00pm and 10:00pm (estimated times obviously
because I cannot pee on cue). I thought I would have all the bases
covered but I guess I missed ovulation. I have been checking my
cervix, which if you ever asked me 6 months ago if I thought about
checking my cervix, I would have said hell no… but so I am checking
it and its been pretty high, open and soft which is what happens
during ovulation. Who knew your cervix was a wealth of womanly

Energy level has been high, no tiredness/lagging all good things. I
have been getting a good amount of sleep and sleeping very well.
Pooping has been going pretty regular. Emotionally I have been okay.
Good positive attitude, ready to have a great 2013.I did cry a bit on
new years day because I thought I would be pregnant by now, or at
least that was my plan, and you know what they say, life happens while
you are too busy making plans, so that is water under the bridge and
we continue to move forward and timelines are silly anyway.  So had a
cry, let the emotions come, and then moved on and watched an episode
of Downton Abbey. We have been doing yoga pretty much every other day
which is awesome. Eating very well, much more balanced now that the
holidays are over. I have been resting after sex. Drinking warm things
because it is really epicically cold and I could not even imagine
drinking a glass of water with ice in right now since my nose hairs
froze this morning.

Ty has been doing his exercises and I do actually notice a difference
in, how do I put this in a lady like fashion without being totally
gross, notice a difference in his “amount”. Which cant hurt right?

So yeah, that’s that. See you at 3:30 today!

Scott tells me the weekly emails are very helpful, it helps him plan where he wants to work on me as well as it gives him an idea of where I am with my cycle. Of course if someone is seeking acupuncture for pain management or emotional well being it may be alittle bit different. Scott has alot of patients that see him for pain management. I see them come and go and more often then not they always tell him how much better they feel / quicker they are healing. I swear by acupuncture at this point, even though the expense is starting to hurt our wallets. I even think my weekly appointments are better than a massage. ‘

Hope this post was helpful!!! 🙂



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