Acupuncutre Update – But Still taking a break from Blogging til New Years

16 Dec

I thought about this long and hard and decided that I will continue with my Acupuncture updates because people seem to be interested in them. I often get facebook questions regarding my experience and if I believe Acupuncture is helping me. So, I decided I will blog only about my Acupuncture til the New Year and then resume CrazyCatLadyWantsBaby as normal.


To answer the question I get the most is do I believe Acupuncture works… Yes. 100% Yes. Now, Acupuncture is what you want it to be, if you go in there thinking that it wont work, you probably will not get all the benefits out of it. If you go in looking for a new experience and an open mind and heart, you will get alot more. During my cold and my dislocated shoulder episodes, the points Scott used to help treat those aliments definitely improved my condition. Acupuncture seeks to resolve issues within the body to relieve the feelings that body is outwardly producing. Everything on the outside speaking to you has an inner voice that is controlling it. As For Acupuncture for Fertility, I believe it is working. My Body is very different then it was two months ago. TMI Moment, I poop like a dude regularly, I am no longer bloated or gassy (which would be from ovulation to the end of my period), my skin has improved (less break outs), my energy level is high and does not have dips through out the day and my nails are super strong. I feel balanced, I feel more in control and I feel more present daily. I hope that if you do try acupuncture, you find similar benefits.


Some people may question its ability to help with trying to conceive, and although, I am not currently pregnant, I know I will be one day and I know that Scott will be a big reason why.


Last night was acupuncture¬† at 6:00pm before a holiday party. To say that I wasn’t all there would be a gross exaggeration because I am 90% preoccupied with the party. I think it was a good thing for me to get out and think about something other than trying to get pregnant or the remodel on the house. But I should have devoted more time to “me” than I allowed myself last night. Scott treated my back again, mostly using points along the side of my spine.


He worked on UB42 which is the call to the unborn child which helps resolve sadness and grief. It also is the connection of the physical body to the soul, and after this last week, I needed to find that connection again. He also worked on UB17 which helps aid in blood stasis and stops abnormal bleeding while cooling hot conditions. I never thought I would have a hot condition in my life considering my cold hands and feet but apparently I do. I think When he put the needles into those two points, I definitely felt a sharp 2 second twinge. I think Scott worked something out with those two needles. He also treated UB23 which helps tonify the Kidney as well as UB31. UB31 is a very interesting point for me. Last week there was a very definite visible pain and recoil in my body when Scott put the needle in me. This week, there was pain and burning for about 5 seconds. This point is supposed to resolve any infertility issues and aid in the blood flow to the pelvis. Why this was so interesting to me was that midway though my session, my stomach became very heavy. As if it there was a hole in the table where my stomach was and my stomach was just hanging. It was heavy but not uncomfortable. I also got an odd Tennis Ball type feeling in my right lower hip area, which Is the area I believe my pregnancy was in before. It felt like someone slipped a tennis ball under my body on the table and it was just hanging out. I actually hand to reach my hand under my hip to make sure that something wasn’t there. The stomach and the hip sensation resolved themselves by the end of the session and I walked away only with massage table face. I told Scott of the stomach feeling and he said that “You sound pregnant”… I said “Sadly No but…” And then Scott said “You will be, soon, and it will last, your body is getting stronger”.

Scott and I made an appointment for next Friday and we are continuing with the women’s tea tree pills, milk thistle and prenatal vitamins. Scott is aware of my appointment in January and he actually said he is interested in what they are going to say/do. He talked with me about how after an HSG most women become pregnant within the next month because the liquid helped remove any blockage. I am hoping that Jennie orders a blood test, semen analysis and an HSG. I already have about 4 pages of notes regarding our TTC journey as well as my charts all printed. Until then, We are both keeping our head in the game and trying to relax. Scott and I have a very nice relationship, I was afraid that he would think that I didn’t believe in what he was doing when I told him about the appointment. He was supportive and wants to be involved. I want him to be involved. Its a good relationship.


Until next Saturday when I blog about my Acupuncture – everyone have a great week and for all of you that have gotten your Positive Test, Congratulations. That is an awesome way to start the New Year.



One Response to “Acupuncutre Update – But Still taking a break from Blogging til New Years”

  1. iSpytheWorld29 December 21, 2012 at 7:42 pm #

    I’m glad to see others are doing acupuncture too! I’m currently doing acupuncture to help with our TTC journey. I’m really loving my acupuncture sessions. I’ve been meaning to write a blog about my experience, but been too busy. I enjoyed reading your post. I’m following you now and look forward to reading more of your posts. Happy Holidays!

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