Acupuncture Update # 9 – Tyler Comes With

2 Dec

We had acupuncture on Friday, Tyler came with me at the request of Scott. Scott wanted to speak with him since this was not just my journey but ours. Also, Scott knows what he is working with in terms of me (Liver Stagnation and possible Spleen Stagnation and dampness) but not Tyler and it takes Two to TTC.


I warned Tyler about the smell of the office, remember way back? Weed… well its not but still it smells like Cheech and Chong have taken up shop in there. I asked Ty before we went in what he thought Scott would look like and he said “A little asian lady”. Racist. stereotypical. Yes, all of the above but honest.


Tyler and I sat down and waited for Scott to get out of his appointments and Ty settled in to read a wellness magazine. Once Scott was ready for me, Ty asks if he should come in with me or not. I told him it was up to him.. Ty did not come in the room with me, I get naked, under the covers on the  table and settle in. Ty then knocks and he comes in, then Scott. Ty sits in the corner, I warn him that needles sometimes make him faint so he should be careful. Scott does his normal routine, takes my pulse, feels around on my tummy – I warn him about my stitches and he says not to worry, he was going to work on my back for this session. Scott and I discussed my lack of a positive OPK test and Scott told me not to worry, that my chart is improved so much from one month to the next and that since I am buying the kits in bulk we have no way of knowing their lifespan. Which is true, but I do know they are not expired. Scott reminded me to focus on how I feel and to go with that instinct but as a girl that loves to chart and organize and use color coded EVERYTHING, marking the positive kit on my chart is like a badge of honor so I need to let that go. But come on, anyone else feel that way? I know that I ovulated though, I would say ovulation is not my issue. Maybe its the egg quality or the egg movement or maybe its the sperm moment… who knows, but I am gosh darn sure I ovulate.


I turned over and he did his magic. From what I can figure out, he was working on relaxing my spirit, resolving my blood stasis in my liver and resolving any  conception issues (one of the points he stimulated was called the “Call to the unborn child”). You hear that Sperm and Egg – We are knocking at your door trying to introduce you two in hopes that like you like each other and want to tango… Seriously, though, lets make sure this meeting happens. Ty and Scott leave the room and I fall fast asleep.


Literally. I drooled on Scotts Floor, I was out like a light. Which is totally odd because I have not been tired, I have had TONS of energy lately. I was awoken by Tys voice talking to Scott in the other room. When I did awake, I felt “wavy”. I actually thought that I was experiencing an earthquake. I was waiting for Ty or Scott to burst into the room screaming “Earthquake!” but they didnt and it was all in my head. It was a very odd feeling.


Once Scott removed the points, I went to be with Ty in the waiting area. Ty said he had homework and he was carrying a book that Scott gave him to read while he waited after they talked. I asked what they talked about and Ty wouldnt go into detail but said that he needs to work on forgetting the small details because it is derailing him from being in the moment with me. And that is very True. Ty has been glued to his computer nightly working on the kitchen remodel. He just stares and stares at the computer. I have been feeling alittle detached from him in the evening because of it so hopefully that will change. Ty then showed me his homework. He needs to Stimulate his….



Balls. His goal is too keep them stimulated (not like that, all of you have dirty minds) but to keep the blood flow there constant and pure. One of the exercises looks like something out of “Bruno”. If you dont know what I am referring to, be thankful, I have Sacha Baron Cohen’s Balls forever burned into my eyes. Anyway, he also needs to handle his balls as if he was using Chinese Stress Balls (you know, two balls in your palm and you rotate them clockwise and counter clockwise) and another exercise that I cant remember because I am still thinking about Sacha Baron Cohen’s nether regions.


Ty and I got in the car and Ty said it wasnt that bad and that Scott was really chill and cool. He did say that Scott wanted him to come in because if Scott told me the exercises or gave me a print out to give to Tyler, Tyler probably would have viewed it as silliness… and Ty said he was right. Hearing it man to man made alot more sense and Ty said that he understands why acupuncture is so relaxing to me. He actually said he was surprised at how shallow the needles were when placed into my skin. Apparently Ty thought Scott was Hammering them into my skin 🙂


In other news… Fertility Friend changed my damn chart again… Opposed to ovulating on the 26th, my lovely “Friend” thinks I ovulated on the 28th. I wish there was an explanation for it… . So I have a bone to pick with Fertility Friend. Here is where I am for this cycle (I hope this works – I used Paint, Thank you MakingLittleGeekling!) I do hope you all can see it, it seems blurry to me. Every morning Ty asks if my temperate indicates I am pregnant. I try to remind him that a pregnancy test will indicate I am pregnant and that we need to wait at least 15 days (normal luteal phase) or 18 days in reality, apparently that is the go to number per the book I read yesterday.



Also in Other news, the “Taking Charge of Your Fertility” Book arrived yesterday and while it was helpful, I did know quiet alot. One thing that I did not know… and I found this literally mind blowing was that Very Fertile-quality cervical flud often forms a fairly symmetrical round circle (due to its water content) in your undies… Nonwet and most likely infertile fluid  will form more of a rectangle or line on your undies. MIND FUCKING BLOWN. Seriously, so helpful. Also infertile cervical fluid  will dry fairly quickly on your fingers.


The book focuses on temperatures and cervical fluid. Cervical fluid is less of a mystery but still pretty darn 8th wonder of the world to me. It was a very quick read and I do suggest it to anyone considering there are little tid bits here and there that really helped me understand the entire process of the cycle. Although it did leave me thinking that maybe my CM is hostile but who knows. Speaking of which, I did buy Conceive Plus (it arrived last week but I did not open it because I dont know if I should use it without asking my doctor). Has anyone tried it? Thoughts? Complaints? General Observations?


6 Responses to “Acupuncture Update # 9 – Tyler Comes With”

  1. SM December 2, 2012 at 1:15 pm #

    I would say you ovulated on the 26th. After that is when the temps start rising. When I ovulate, I usually get a temp jump the next day. I’ve never tried Conceive Plus. What’s in it?

    • maretilton December 2, 2012 at 1:26 pm #

      Im going with the 26th as well considering the symptoms as well. Here is what is in the Concieve Plus (from amazon, excuse the caps). I will do some research on it. I have read that with any sperm friendly lubrication there is a chance that it can kill the sperm because of the sensitive PH levels in our lady parts.

      • SM December 2, 2012 at 1:59 pm #

        I was just wondering if it was similar to Preseed or not. It seems to be. I’ve used Preseed before. A word of caution (if it comes in little applicators), you don’t need the whole thing. I used like half of it and it made me like a flipping water slide. Not so good for K’s performance!

      • maretilton December 2, 2012 at 2:23 pm #

        Best comment ever!!! “Waterslide”


  2. fromheretomotherhood December 3, 2012 at 11:27 am #

    I am worried about hostile CM too. My acupuncturist/doctor of TCM recommended FertileAidCM. Her recommendation is based on stories from other patients who have used it.

    • maretilton December 3, 2012 at 11:35 am #

      Where are we getting these worries from? I swear, a monster has taken over my body and just made me into a worry monster. Never in my life did I ever think I could have hostile anything…

      UGH. FertileAid CM, maybe I will order some of that next month if nothing sticks this month

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