acupuncture Update #8 – Wow Two Months Already?

23 Nov

Wednesday was a fun day for me… I had the Chiro and Scott back to back which makes for a very relaxed Mariann. At The Chiro, Erin, did some more adjustments and alignments to get my left shoulder/collar-bone back to where it should be and then she noted that my sacrum is alittle “special”. She said that its not aligned and kind of twisted all over. She indicated that this wont hurt in TTC land but it will have some major issues in Once Pregnant and in Giving Birth Land (as in very difficult if at all possible vaginal birth). So she worked on that alittle and said in time, it will be fixed but not to worry about that now. I was given homework of Planks, Leaning with one arm against the wall and dropping my head left to right with some weight (my hand). All things I can do 🙂


When I got to Scott he asked me how I was doing and wanted to focus on keeping warmth in my body. As he took my pulse he aked if Tyler would come in, not for a treatment but for general guidance and some exercises that can help his boys move. I said Ty would be up for that, without consulting him, because I mean after the Thin V. Pregnant discussion, I knew he owed me. Scott has been focusing on point in my stomach to assist with Liver function and Kidney purification. He also put needles in my inner ankle of each leg. As I laid there I could feel hot points in the needles every so often, minus my left ankle (That dude was asleep at the wheel I think). I couldn’t settle my mind at all. I think I did drift off but I was still running around in my own head. Nothing special though, just random thoughts, and none of them pertained to TTC. I did tell Scott that the last two days prior to acupuncture my body has been totally energized. Which is very true. I am able to wake up, get going and not feel tired or slow. I do normally hit a mid day (on the weekends) slump around 2pm but I think thats because I am slightly overwhelmed with the house remodel and during the week my stopping point is 9:30pm. He was happy to hear the energy level has been up, he takes that as a sign that the TeaTree Pills are working. I also told him that I can see CM alot more clearly. I think in the last couple of cycles I have been not producing enough to see any signs of it but I certainly am now… which is wonderful but also very dampening in the pants.


We scheduled our next appointment for Friday(November 30th) at 4:30… I think I am going to take Friday off, its right around the time I should see Ovulation, so it would be nice to have a day with Tyler to just Be. When I got in the car and asked, well really told him, to come with me at 4:30 on Friday so Scott could talk to him, he agreed, hesitated by agreed. I am interested to see what Scott says to him and happy that Ty agreed to go. Everything we can do to help our situation can only move us further in the right direction.


On Thanksgiving, I did a no no and had two drinks. I thought I should celebrate, also show the family I was not pregnant so please dont ask, and our horoscopes said to grab some wine and have alone time. I thought those were all valid points and decided to go with it, I did drink plenty of water to flush my system out. Today, the day after thanksgiving,while Ty works on the roof, I thought I would finish reading my TCM infertility book… well surprise surprise, the book is missing about 20 pages… 20 good pages on acupressure and breathing! WTF!!!



I take that as a sign that I should go back to reading Walking Dead and take my mind off of fertility for awhile 🙂 OR go shopping, but I can get Ty to come with me… Apparently it would be very bad if it starts to rain and we have no roof on the kitchen addition. Who knew? 🙂


2 Responses to “acupuncture Update #8 – Wow Two Months Already?”

  1. missohkay November 23, 2012 at 8:25 pm #

    Hi from ICLW #19. Good thing you had a drink so you didn’t have to be sad like poor alcohol kitty 🙂 Happy holidays.

  2. Krystal November 23, 2012 at 11:41 pm #

    Hi from ICLW #62. I’m loving reading your blog!

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