Kitchen Remodel

17 Nov

Our backstory:


Ty bought our house in July of 2009. Orginally the house had two and a half bedrooms (I say half because there was a tiny office/bedroom) and one bathroom with a kitchen, dining room, living room, partially finished basement, grow room (YES you read that correctly, we believe it was a grow room, it was a size of a closet, with ALOT of electrical outlets inside, locked from the outside only and had a wierd 1960s plastic pumpkin decoration on it), two decks, a pool, shed, garage and 3.5 acres of land. We thought that we would just repaint and redo the floors orginally and then renovate in a couple of years. That was not the case.


We had a 3 month lease that was up September 1st with Sarah so we spilt our time between the new house, work and sleeping at our rental. While we painted and floored we both started to realize that our house was a crap shoot. I say this now because really… it was. Our house is a TROUSE…. a trailer and a house.


Back in the 1970s the orginaly owners built the house and poured a foundation. Half of the foundation was built on and the other half a trailer was dumped on. So…. any door ways that lead into the trailer, you had to step up into… The trailer was then insulated on the outside and another wall was built around it, so we basically had two outside walls… The trailer was rotting, the bathroom smelled like someone consistently missed the toliet and peed next to the toliet, the shower… thank god I never showered there because our relationship would have most certainly have ended. In the master… the color scheme was blue walls, red carpets and white trim… HORRIBLE, but Patriotic. Our previous owners left a love note for us in the form of a nightie they forgot was hanging on the back of the bedroom door… ICK.


After about three weeks, and while Tys parents were on vacation, we took a sledge hammer to one of the walls in the medium sized bedroom. We found the trailer lights, a window that was covered by sheet rock and some dead mice and lady bugs in the instulation. The trailer NEEDED TO GO. So over the next few months with help from SO many people we gutted and re-laid out the house. We replaced most outside walls execpt the kitchen and living room areas… new windows, new insulation, new subfloor, new studs, new sheetroock.


When Ty and I offically moved into the house on September 1st of 2009 we lived in the living room. A couch, loveseat, dressers, coffee table, night stand and bed all were in our living space. If we wanted to go to bed, we stepped two steps to the left and laid down in our bed.


During those first few days and the weeks leading up the the move in date, we had NO bathroom… so if you had to go, you went outside. If you had to GO, you went to the Jolley down the street and if someone wanted something from there, you were instructed to call them not stop them from leaving the driveway when they got colon slapped.


It was interesting to say the least. The first portion of the house to get done was the guest bathroom, then guest bedroom, then master bedroom, then master bath… then came the new front of our house, then new front deck… and now we are redoing the kitchen, dining room and living room. We also took down the pool… (by hand and my god, I just wanted to drive a truck into that thing and call it a day), sealed the basement, relaid out the basement, put in new electrical, new plumbing, you name it we did it.


We have had some interesting stories by the way…

  • I thought I found a cat toy and it was a dead, old mouse from like 1980
  • Tys dad almost electrocuted himself by accident because a stray wire made its way into an electrical outlet
  • We had to remove a claw foot tub that was put into our lawn upright and partially covered that had a Jesus statue in it… Don’t Ask.
  • Pulling the front deck off of the house by attaching wires to Tys truck hitch and pulling (it worked!)
  • We have lost extension cords because I have mowed over them
  • Almost losing the mower over the side of the bank because I couldn’t put it in reverse
  • Discovering out electric was basically running off on one very large multi outlet surge protector
  • Ty forgetting TWICE to cut out a space for the shower knob in tile that was already laid and set.

While everything seems pretty funny in retrospect there were many times where both of us were at our wits end.


Now our project is the kitchen. As of Thursday night we have no kitchen wall which makes for a very cold house. We have plastic separating our house from the construction zone (and it serves as a way to keep our animals in and other animals out) but it is very cold. Here are a few photos of our House Before we bought it and as we are currently working on it. Please note, that kitchen may look nice to some… it was a nightmare! And Wilson is our Site Manager… He does a great job protecting equipment and overseeing Tyler.

So that was an introduction to our little home as well as what we are going through while TTC… as you can probably tell, Ty works REALLY hard daily… and that’s why, some nights… the magic does not happen 🙂



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