Acupuncture Update #7

16 Nov

This week is just full of appointments… from the Chiro on Wednesday to the Boobie Ultrasound on Friday… My Acupuncture appointment is by far my most favorite. ALTHOUGH, my chiro has an awesome dog named Otis (who has the floppiest cheeks ever) so that may make them a tie in my favorite appointments of the week.

So the Chiro does believe that I have a misaligned clavicle and/or shoulder. So that’s awesome but she did make it feel A ZILLION times better. I will be going back next week for another adjustment but hopefully not as expensive as my first appointment. Holy fuckicals, it was $235.00 and not covered by insurance… because we have not met our deducible yet (although we will by December) and its not considered a Skeletal disorder. Anyway, I almost peed in this women’s reception area but it was worth it. I did write my insurance company a nice little note saying Chiropractic care is FAR cheaper then the two sets of Xrays and the Orthopedist appointment (which would be a month from now) and thus should be covered. We will see how well that goes over.

Speaking of health care, I looked at what I have incurred this year and holy fuck… our health care system is so out of whack, I cannot even begin to tell you… and I will never get out of the hole that is medical bills at this rate. I figure every time I pay something off, I am due for something major. I swear. My blood work came back from my physicians office (just regular routine stuff) with an inquiry as to if I had my Rubella shot… and that was 92.00… they covered $30.00 of that… My husband went for blood work with an inquiry on his lead level… and the healthcare covered all of that… ALL OF IT. SO WHAT IS UP PEOPLE. Same health plan… I am calling Gender inequality!

Anyway, I also ordered another book from Amazon per a recommendation from our friend in Philly (who has a super cute baby named Logan) called “Taking charge of your Ferility”. So I will put that on my reading list. Speaking of… The Infertility Cure: The Ancient Chinese Wellness Program for Getting Pregnant and Having Healthy Babies book arrived last night after acupuncture and I AM HOOKED. I paged through the book and it is spot on, I have a much better understanding of what Scott is talking about with my liver and how the certain points he is stimulating work together. I swear, this book is a life saver/life relaxer. I totally can see my chart when I look at one that is called “Liver Stagnation with Dampness”… that is me and my chart is literally the same. I totally recommend it for anyone that is thinking or currently does acupuncture and even those who are starting on other fertility treatments. It is very well written, very easy to understand and very visual (which I need in order to totally get the full picture). I figure by Sunday the book will be marked up to high hell.


Also, doing vaginal temperatures is showing me alot more of a pattern. I am not all over the place any longer (I was jump from 97.2 to 97.9 ever other day… now I am starting to level out, 97.72 to 98.04). I recommend it to anyone who is seeing odd temperatures. But remember to wash that thermometer WELL!


Back to my actual acupuncture appointment. I sent Scott my chart Thursday morning- my October chart and my November chart. I told him that we are temping vaginally this month since I am mouth breather and that my period was heavy,medium, light, light, gone… other than that, I have jack shit to report. This is the boring part of the month where nothing is going on… not waiting for ovulation… not waiting for a test to turn…not waiting for my bitch of a period to return… we are just coasting to my fertile week which is not til like the end of November. Have I mentioned that already? Because its like forever from now. Thankfully this is not my fertile period because Tyler is so damn tired every night from doing the kitchen remodel that I am lucky if he makes it from the couch to the bed.

Scott felt my stomach and pressed low on my right and left side. There was some pressure on my right side which Scott said was my intestines. He was checking to see if there was any kind of blockage and the indication of pressure/pain told him there was. My left side was just pressure and my right side was pressure with a pain level of 1 or 2… nothing major but noticeable. I told Scott for my entire period life I have had a hard time going number 2 during my period. Its like waste production halts or something. Scott mentioned that since my liver is sending blood to other parts of my body it is lagging on keeping up with its other duties… thus why we are trying to stimulate the liver with points as well as herbals.


He proceeded to put four needles in my tummy and then one in each ankle and one in each knee. There was alot of heat coming from my right knee and my right tummy. It was a warm heat, almost like a big hug. Upon reading my book when I got home I realized that those points are stimulating movement and helping to create heat in my liver. Once I got in the car I literally felt like my stomach became lighter less bloated. So I guess it worked. My next appointment will be the Wednesday before Thanksgiving, no homework… just keep taking the TeaTree Pills and to remember that right now I need to restore my blood and think of ways to get my blood moving.


In other news – my breast ultrasound came back awesome. Apparently my cyst has shrunk and the radiologist does not believe I need to come back unless I find another lump, my current lump hurts or I turn 40… which ever comes first. That’s a weight off my shoulder but another drop in the insurance bucket for about $475.00 (or….9 months of paying about 50.00 a month BLAH). Maybe it will be covered better this time since it is a mandatory followup, who knows. I cant wait for that surprise bill in the mail.


This weekend we celebrate Thanksgiving with Ty’s Mother’s Family and hopefully we can enclose our kitchen because it is FREEZING right now. We are missing an entire wall of our house so Ty is getting up every 3 hours at night and filling our wood stove. We slept with two comforters, one fleece blanket, flannel sheets and 5 other miscellaneous blankets last night… It made for a super hard wake up this morning. I am doing my best to stay warm internally… lots of layers, LOTS of layers.


I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend and that November will be a great month for all!




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