Acupunture Update #6

13 Nov

Going to Acupuncture on Thursday was a blessing but also a defeat. I knew my period was coming. I had some spotting earlier in the week and my temperature was dropping. I sent Scott my weekly update and he asked me how my shoulder was feeling. I told him that my energy level was up after a pretty down weekend (I blame the weather) and that everything else was functioning normally. Nothing really to report.


He said that he would prescribe some Herbs after this session knowing that my period was coming. He gently suggested that I not dwell on things not happening this month and that everything that we had done together was moving in the right direction.


He put a needle in each elbow and each ankle. Then he put about 4-5 needles in my upper stomach, almost my diaphragm. As I laid there I drifted in and out of awareness. I felt alot of movement from my right ankle into the spots where the needles were in my stomach. It was as if it was a super highway of yellow light… then it went purple.


Once I came out of the session, Scott gave me pills to take after my flow had died down to a light flow. I have to take the pills daily, 8 pills… three times a day. You do the math, so thats 24 pills a day… but they are small pills. They are supposed to help restore Qi after a menstrual period.


Maybe my body is in funk (I totally wrote “Fuck” opposed to funk tee hee) and that is why my Qi is all built up. Several things happened  this month that normally do not happen. Cramps were on both sides of my stomach, right and left. Normally my left side feels nothing. I will take that as a sign of movement. I poop almost daily – although now with my period, its hard to poop daily, is that a thing for anyone else? And finally, I am able to see things as whole pictures not just take these pills. chart your temperature. etc… I can see them working together.


On Friday – I waited for my period to come and nothing… and that’s when both Ty and I had a glimmer of hope…that maybe we would get a positive test result this month on our anniversary or maybe his birthday (the 14th).  Saturday came and went… and our hope grew. Then on Sunday, as I took my temperature, and it was back in the 97 range, I knew. I went to the potty, peed, and wiped. Surprise! There she was! Happy 6 Month Anniversary to us.


I Told Tyler and we laid in bed and held each other…. and started the day / new cycle. I couldnt cry although I felt like I was going to. I wanted to cry but what would it have done, nothing… I didnt hold back but I think my body did just because.


We decided that this cycle we would temp vaginally – which isnt that bad. We would also cut out his alcohol intake (he really doesnt drink much but with thanksgiving and the stress of the house, I felt like I had to remind him that can cause fertility issues) right before my fertile period and that we would be more diligent about having time alone every 12 hours. Silly I know, but hopefully something will happen. We also talked about acupuncture going forward. Financially $60.00 a week is something we cannot keep up forever. We said that we would do weekly until Jan 2013 and then discuss with Scott bi-weekly or some kind of payment plan. It is currently depleting our HSA which we have been trying to build for pregnancy related costs but it seems to keep going to getting pregnant as well as my breast exams/dental issues.  Ty said that he believes acupuncture helps me and thinks its worth trying to make it work, if Scott believes we need to do it weekly, then so be it… Ty also does not worry about money like I do.


So Today is Cycle Day 3 for me. I have a Chiro appointment tomorrow for my shoulder, then acupuncture on Thursday and the Breast Ultra Sound on Friday… This week will be filed with trying to not use vacation time and making up work where I can.


I think I am going to make Ty watch the charting videos on Fertility Finder. Maybe he will see something that I am not seeing in my charts.




5 Responses to “Acupunture Update #6”

  1. fromheretomotherhood November 13, 2012 at 3:25 pm #

    Do you ever get acupuncture in your back? It seems, from your recaps, that you’re always laying on your back. I always have front and then back. Maybe it’s just because of my presenting issues though. What herbs are you taking? I take a bunch of different ones (mine have mostly been granules though and I mix them in warm water).

    Sorry to hear that you got your period, especially on your anniversary weekend. I hope you did have some wine/champagne to celebrate your marriage though.

    It seems like Ty is really supportive. That’s nice. I still feel like J shuts down the second that “baby” or “pregnancy” or “infertility” comes out of my mouth.

    • maretilton November 13, 2012 at 3:57 pm #

      Scott did my back the first time I met him. He seems to be convinced that my liver is the main issue and that all the other organs lag alittle because of its poor performance.

      He put me on Women’s Eight Treasure Teapills (Nu Ke Ba Zhen Wan). I think I am going to start them tomorrow. I am taking them along with my prenatal, milk thistle and zinc.

      Ty is really supportive but can do the same… shut down when I talk about it too much. Often during the TWW he gets testy and cannot understand my anxiety…And then there are moments where he shines… like that one I mentioned.

      I think I am going to take advantage of Cycle day 3… with a bubble bath tonight. As much as I miss alcohol… this weekend, I had my fill 🙂

      • fromheretomotherhood November 13, 2012 at 4:14 pm #

        I have had Tao Hung Si Wu Tang, Ba Wei Di Huang Wan, Ease the Muscles, and Lui Wei Di Huang Wan. Everything except the Ease the Muscles was granule and customized for me. I did some reading on Chinese herbs and the Tao Hung and Lui Wei seem to be popular/effective bases, but they can be added to in order to provide more targeted treatment. So far I have heard that I have issues with liver (or was it Kidney) chi (leading to yin deficiency), blood stagnation, and now too much heat in my blood.

      • maretilton November 13, 2012 at 4:17 pm #

        Scott thinks that my liver does not fully process all the blood in my body nightly – which I guess it is supposed to do… I know I skipped Anatomy often so this is what I get for missing first period. He hasnt talked to me further about what he thinks it could be or if we are still focusing on my liver. I guess I just trust in him, or maybe I am being over trusting. Ill have to ask him on Thursday. I cant wait to tell him I am temping Vaginally… it just sounds so dirty 🙂

      • fromheretomotherhood November 13, 2012 at 4:26 pm #

        It’s probably best to just trust him. I trust my acupuncturist too, but it’s in my nature to want to be in the know. So I ask questions, especially in the beginning. And sometimes they just offer me the details.

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