The Weight Debate

9 Nov

I believe for the 7th time thus far in the last three months I have been called painfully thin which is then linked to “maybe that’s why you are not pregnant yet”.

First and foremost – Dont ever offer a reason as to why I am not pregnant yet unless you are my doctor, obgyn or other health professional. Actually strike that, my doctor during my physical mentioned my weight and then started a conversation about fertility… He didnt directly link it but I think he was hinting at it. Or maybe I am imagining it. He didnt say I need to gain weight but he told me I am on the “lower side” of my healthy weight.

Second of all – Painfully thin – I am not painfully thin. I may look thin but I do have some junk in the trunk, padding for the pushing and wobbly bits. I said bits, not tits… my Tits are perky little monsters that I love.

Third of all – I dont comment about your weight and your ability or inability to do something. EVER.

I am a moderately actively person. I like to work out because it helps my mind and gives me a sense of peace. When I am unable to do anything, even a few push ups… It makes me go mad. Ever since my shoulder injury I have stopped my yoga and turned to running for about 10-15 minutes a day.

I am also a picky person when it comes to food. I always have been. My diet though is balanced and varied.

So all this combined, I have put on weight but my body naturally wants to hover around where I am at currently. I was my heaviest in college (werent we all?) and leveled out in my mid twenties. I know your body, hormones and life changes in your thirties so I expect to put on more weight but who I am as a person I cannot change.

I have read about being too thin or too over weight in regards to fertility and I think its really more about where your body wants to be naturally and if you are fighting it or not. I know people who have 5% body fat that have 6 kids. I know people who are categorized as overweight that are popping them out. Each one of them eats what they want to eat and exercises. I believe they are at their natural weight, no matter how someone classifies them.

Many people have weight issues. Commenting on someone either as a compliment or as a jab should never been in the form of weight. Weight is an issue that has so many factors that you could never know unless you were their own personal doctor.

I guess I can put this one under stupid things people say but dont realize how hurtful they can be. It is hurtful because there is nothing I rather do than have a child and I am trying my best to do everything in my power to have one. I cannot go out and inhale donuts (although I heart Dunkin Donuts just released Red Velvet Cupcake Donuts, I will be having one of them in the future) and magically I will turn a test positive. It doesn’t work that way.


2 Responses to “The Weight Debate”

  1. Kathryn November 9, 2012 at 10:09 am #

    Yeah, if only inhaling donuts worked 🙂 That would probably decrease your fertility.
    Ugh weight. I am so SICK of it all! Even unrelated to fertility. It’s all people talk about it. “So and so it’s looking good, they’re finally at a healthy weight.” “How much weight have you lost?” NONE OF YOUR GOD DAMNED BUSINESS. No one would ask me how heavy my period was today, or how many bowel movements I have a week, so why the hell do they think it’s okay to comment on my weight, even when they think they are being nice/helpful? I hate it when people say “Have you lost weight?” and I want to respond with “Why do you care?”
    Sorry girl =(

  2. nobodysperfick November 9, 2012 at 11:48 am #

    Why the eff do people feel like one’s body is there for public consumption and commentary? STFU, people!

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