Acupunture Update Part 5

4 Nov

Driving to acupuncture on Friday was nerve-wracking. I was still on an endless loop of no x-rays thoughts. When I got there Scott asked me to tell him about my shoulder (since I updated him with my weekly email of OPK/HCG Photos, BBT Temp Chart and General Symptoms/Feelings). He asked me to push and pull and move my shoulder in different ways while he held on to me. He told me to wait until I see a Chiro before going an route such as X-Rays or MRIs. He did tell me should the pain get worse, get to the hospital but he didnt foresee that happening.


As he started to place the needles in me, I asked what his daughter was for Halloween (His daughter is about 6 and she is a great artist. Scott has her canvases up in the office and he has told me that she was work on pieces for weeks at a time. This amazes me, considering when I drew or painted as a kid, it was 30 minutes and I was done, usually embarrassed with how disfigured I made my parents or how my Dog looked like a pile of poop). His daughter was a cat for Halloween and apparently she is crazy about cats… I thought to myself, this is a match made in heaven! I am so glad that I picked Scott to be my acupuncturist.


He stuck about three needles in the area where my Shoulder was injured, and then three or four needles in my upper stomach area and one on each ankle. He did place one on the top of my head. None of them hurt going in and they were basically unnoticeable. As I laid there I thought about alot of random things as well as sang “Its always a good time” by Owl City. I did try to relax but I had anxiety and things flying through my head. Also the pain in my shoulder is worse when I lie completely flat. I did manage to fall asleep or at least drift for a bit. During that time I thought of Butter nut squash and Orange Glow Sunrises and Sunsets. I also saw Purple radiating from my shoulder. When I told Scott this he was excited. Apparently Orange deals with the Earth and grounding us (ie lifting ones spirits) and is also associated with digestion and spleen activity. Purple is a good color as well, he said that when dealing with nerve pain, many Eastern Medicine practitioners will use the color purple to relieve the swelling. Purple is also associated in pulling the energy needed deeper into the body to aid parts that may not be working well.


He was so excited, he told me that I was the type of patient that caused people to study eastern medicine more… that my body was open and my mind was free. Sure. Ill take that compliment. He was also so excited that he forgot to remove the needles from my ankles. He apologized over and over again but I was fine with it… Excitement happens. He did tell me a story that his first acupuncture appointment where he was the patient a little Chinese lady stuck him all over and she forgot to remove one needle on his upper thigh. He put his pants on without noticing it but had stabbing pains as the needle was basically going in deeper than intended. He thanked his acupuncturist and went on his way… I guess he realized it about 10 minutes later and pulled the needle out. He thought that he must have had some major blockage in that thigh area and that the pain was all the Qi releasing and moving to the right places in his body… sadly no, just a forgotten needle.


I did note personally that I cannot wait until Friday to see Scott. It makes my week way too long especially since I am sidelined from Yoga with my Shoulder injury (although I did do a Sun Salutation to see if anything hurt and it didnt but I know my husband will have a shit fit if I move my shoulder or do anything). We scheduled our next appointment for Thursday at 4:00pm which I think is perfect. Work has a retreat the next day and Monday the 12th we are off. I think it will be a nice way to end the week and hopefully my period does not come… if it does, oh well but I am still holding out and hoping. Scott gave me home work he said that we need to stimulate my progesterone levels and to do so maybe use some creams and eat sweet potatoes. I bought sweet potatoes on Saturday and plan to have them with every meal… Yes, I know I am going over board.


This weekend I have been a real monster to Tyler. I dont mean to be but I have just been on edge. I keep saying that if I was pregnant my boobs should hurt and they dont. I keep getting worked up about thinking about next month, yes, I know, I am not living in the now… but the now right now is just all anxiety. We are also in the process of remodeling our kitchen and its slightly stressful/annoying because Ty is all over it and wont let me help. Other than emotionally, I had a nose bleed in the shower Yesterday, my appetite is non existent and I feel slightly sick. I could be sick again, but I think twice in one month is alittle much but I guess possible. And Im tired. But I think thats my shoulder injury and general funkiness emotionally. And my dreams have been ODD. Like super ridiculously odd.

So I am looking forward to the week to start and end because I want to celebrate our 6 month anniversary as well as get away from the house. On my gratitude list this week was:

  • Day light savings time
  • Being able to vote on the 6th
  • my husbands ability to fix and remodel anything
  • our furrybabies, the cats have been love bugs recently
  • left over Halloween candy

Until next time! Positive energy (no matter how hard it may be able to see it, we all need positive energy)


5 Responses to “Acupunture Update Part 5”

  1. fromheretomotherhood November 5, 2012 at 11:19 am #

    My acupuncturist once left on in my stomach. I noticed before putting my shirt on thankfully.

    I hope this is your month!

    • maretilton November 5, 2012 at 12:04 pm #

      Looking highly doubtful this month… I am just waiting for my period to come (on the day of our 6 month anniversary, I bet anything on it)… Another month come and gone… Try Try Try Again 🙂

      • fromheretomotherhood November 5, 2012 at 3:12 pm #

        What a bastard of an anniversary present. I hope that doesn’t happen. A BFP on your anniversary would be an amazing gift though. But if your period does come this month, try to hang in there. It’s definitely a grieving process though. It’s grieving for what could have been.

      • maretilton November 5, 2012 at 4:26 pm #

        Eh – It is what it is… I figure I can try the soft cup out for extra curricular activities. Part of me thinks I should have a few glasses of wine if AF comes… but I know I will pass out and my poor husband will be stuck watching bad hotel cable. But thank you. it is alittle bit of grieving. I also wanted to throw something at today, two celebrities pregnant, ICK

      • fromheretomotherhood November 5, 2012 at 4:47 pm #

        Haha Kristen Bell and Beverly Mitchell! It seems like people is always posting about pregnant celebs. I definitely wined it up on the weekend since AF is visiting.

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