So not getting Xrays – Are you crazy?!?!?!

2 Nov

So my doctors office called and said that to get into an Ortho would be like Mid December. In the mean time they want me to go get Xrays and if the Xrays show a dislocation that is bad, they will squeeze me in at the Ortho…




FUCK NO. I dont want to get Xrays unless I have my period. I just cant. What if I am pregnant? I dont want the radiation. While I know that studies have been done and the levels of radiation are low especially for a shoulder xray, I just cant.

so I am in tears.


LM suggested I go to a Chiropractor and so I placed the call and left a message. I also filled out all the new paperwork and emailed it to her with a brief description of whats going on



  • TTC
  • Period due Nov 8
  • Scared of XRays
  • Frustrated
  • Recommended Highly

anyway… this poor women is probably going to be like WHOA girl settle down. But seriously, I cant. I feel like I got derailed which I know has not happened but I am WHOA sensitive right now. I need to get out of this tailspin which really isnt a tailspin but I feel like it is… even though its not. the world is not ending. I am still breathing. Life is good. but seriously… no Xrays.


And i needed to vent.


I didnt even get teeth xrays in August, when I knew I didnt ovulate yet… I was that afraid that something could get screwed up… Yes, I am that Overly Aware Girl.


Do you think this is the right path? Should I just call the hospital and explain whats going on and take a chance? Do I go to the Chiro and Pray? Am I over reacting? Do I need to calm the fuck down?


Here’s to Acupuncture tonight followed by Fuzzy Blankets and Fringe… And SLEEP.


One Response to “So not getting Xrays – Are you crazy?!?!?!”

  1. fromheretomotherhood November 3, 2012 at 12:55 am #

    Ok, I am hyper aware too, so I understand where you’re coming from. But also think about the potential stress of the pain you’re feeling and how that could impact things. Weigh which is worst in your mind and trust your gut (but also take heed to the advice of the doctor and chiropractor). I had to do that when deciding whether to stop antidepressants or not (my antidepressant has not been shown to cause any issues in fetal development – doesn’t prove that it doesn’t though – but maternal depression and stress are proven to have a significant impact. So I stayed on my meds).

    I could be totally off base, but if it’s a dislocated shoulder, can they not just pop it back in place? I used to pop my elbow out all the time as a kid (apparently pretty common in kids) and my mom (who is an ER doctor) used to just pop it back in. Apparently it hurts like hell (I don’t remember), but it’s a quick (and complete) fix. Maybe shoulders and/or adult dislocations are different. Or maybe they need proof that it’s dislocated before they’d try to pop it.

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