A Very Serious Topic – Butt Stank

31 Oct

Butt Stank – We all have it. It happens to the best of us. No Matter how well you wipe or if you had a clean wipe after pooing… it still can occur.

This serious topic affects all of us in one way or another. Either you have the stank or you are enveloped by the stank by association.

Some people try to cover the stank with baby wipes, but then the problem is two fold – Butt Stank and Baby Smell. It is not a solution, it is also harmful to the toilet should you flush the baby wipe.  Another way to cover the stank is to use Baby Powder, but then again, you got Butt Stank and Baby Smell. These are not solutions, these are cover ups

I wanted to out myself with butt stank to educate all of you. I have two stories, please take heed.

1. Around the holidays last year, after a very nice filling dinner by my mother in law, Ty and I returned home to watch the Beyonce Christmas Special or maybe it was just Beyonce in Concert. Upon returning home, I needed to poop, which I did and I wiped very well (and it was a clean poop). I returned to the couch to a very loving Tyler and we thought it would be fun to get frisky on the couch. So there we are and there is was… the STANK. Mid way through, I paused and sniffed. Tyler looked at me, then slapped my butt and said “Baby, that is you!”. And he was right. I was mortified but we finished anyway. I smelled the stank but didnt know that I dealt the stank.

2. The other night returning from the weekend at Salem MA I pooped as soon as we got home. The weekend was filled with eating ALOT and a small bathroom in a hotel room that was shared by 5 people with very thin walls. All of us held our poop Friday night but after Saturday night (and Mexican) we ran train on that bathroom. I thought that we could use the bathroom in the lobby but the hotel did not have a bathroom in the lobby! So I pooped in the hotel room (with the preface that if it didn’t happen for me in 10 minutes, I was giving up but not to judge me if I was in there for 10 minutes because pooping is a process for me), but it was nuggets…The worst most unfulling kind of poop.

So when I got home, I pooped (and had another clean wipe) and Tyler knew that we needed to spend some time alone considering the positive OPK test. Tyler showered but I did not (because like pooping, its a process for me and I have to shower in the morning otherwise I feel really icky the rest of the day at work). We started to get frisky and then Ty lifted the covers and WHOOSHHHHHHHHH


I was embarrassed but neither one of us stopped. We had a mission. To make a baby. After all was said and down, soft cup in, I said “I’m sorry, my butt smells”. Ty then replied ” Its okay, it didn’t stop me did it? And you just pooped, its to be expected”.

Don’t let the stank happen. Even though it may not impede your daily life, it may make frisky time alittle less… fresh.

My solution to the stank, is a shower or a bidet. Since we did not equip our bathroom with a bidet… I think shower is the only way to go.


2 Responses to “A Very Serious Topic – Butt Stank”

  1. fromheretomotherhood October 31, 2012 at 12:07 pm #

    I almost always have nuggets. Very unsatisfying!

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