OH Google – How I love yet Loath Thee

30 Oct

So I am figuring that I ovulated somewhere between mid day the 25th – to early the 27th. I think my positive test on Friday was the last of my LH Surge considering that on Thursday around 6pm, no line or anything.

I had some EWCM Sunday so Ty and I made the best of the situation and took advantage. Of course, in the wake of checking for updates on Sandy, I googled when my implantation would happen (November 5th)… When I could test Earliest etc (November 8th/9th)… and when my due date would be (July 19th).

WHY do I do that? Why?

Several Musings though –

I have a wedding June 30th – I will be a happy beached whale that can DD for people possibly. I am not missing that wedding though. I. AM. NOT.

I love my birthday (July 2nd) and make it into a birthday Month. I can surely share my birthday glory but I am telling you right now, if this weekend was THE weekend and I give Birthday around July 12th 2013… WE ARE NOT COMBINING OUR BIRTHDAYS. TWO SEPARATE BIRTHDAY CELEBRATIONS WILL BE HAD. Period.


I am jumping way ahead and I shouldn’t. So Fingers crossed. Toes Crossed. Legs Crossed. Saying mini Prayers… Hoping that Scott on Friday can keep the flow going and implantation happens this time.


If things don’t stick for us this month, Ty has decided to get his sperm checked.  We were discussing in the car our timing and he thought that we missed the mark the last two months. I showed him my app and he said “Ohhhhhhhhhhh”. So we are thinking a test may be in order just to see where we stand. I asked him if it came back bad how he would feel and he said relieved because at least we would know… I agree.


But we will cross that bring if and when we come to it… As well as Implantation… And Testing…



One Response to “OH Google – How I love yet Loath Thee”

  1. fromheretomotherhood October 30, 2012 at 9:00 pm #

    Google is a seductive bastard. I fall prey to it many times when I shouldn’t either.

    I totally agree about separate bday celebrations and I’m sure your child would appreciate that as well, as he or she got older especially. I have a friend whose daughter was born one day after her husband’s bday. We said his bday will never be center of attention again (at least for 18 years).

    I hope this is your month, but if not, it’s fantastic that your husband is so proactive too. I love his attitude about the whole thing because that’s how I feel about poor test results too. At least there would be a target for treatment. My husband’s SA is one week from today!

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