Boob Smushing

26 Oct

So Back in November of 2011 I found a lump on my right breast. It seemed alittle off to me, not that I have alot of breast area to be lumpy, but I did find one. So I go to my primary care physician and she then refers me to the hospital to get a mammogram.


I get the mammogram in January and am immediately escorted to have an Ultra Sound.The Mammogram was relatively painless (I guess with smaller boobies they say its less painful, I am a 34B, on a good day) and so was the ultrasound. The only issue I had was I kept my bra on accidentally and then when I got into the room with the Mammographer she said “First Time?” and I realized the bra needed to go. Some days, I am just not that quick.

The ultra sound was painless too. I really love that they heat the Ultra Sound Jelly… its nice and warm and makes me want to go to sleep. The Ultra Sound finds some chambers that may be cause for an alarm and they order a biopsy.


The Biopsy was not PAINFUL per say but it did hurt. Also, of course as always, I had the doctor that had an intern tagging along for the day. I hate saying No to the interns being there, its like really hard for me to say no, I think they will take it personally, so three people (the Doctor, the Intern and the Nurse) got to see my boo boos that day. I always get the doctor with the intern. I promise you that when I go for my next physical, Intern will be there… If and when I get a positive pregnancy test… Intern will be there… Trust me, Its how it happens in my life.  The biopsy was relatively quick and felt like alittle poof of air going the speed of light and then it was done.  The biopsy came back normal and I was scheduled to go back for another ultra sound in July.


Did I go? NO.


Why the hell not? Because its a fuck ton of money. I know that is not an excuse but seriously, it is a fuck ton of money. Since I am under 40 years old a Mammogram is not considered needed unless my doctor finds the lump. Yep. You heard me, the way my insurance explained it to me was that if my doctor was to find the lump during an exam then the procedure would be covered better. BUT since I found it… about 20% of the cost was covered and I was on the hook to come up with about $1,250. I was able to work with the hospital but feared in July going back because of the cost.


Isn’t that ridiculous?


Breast cancer does not run in my family. AT ALL. My family is pretty lucky in that regard so I guess that’s how I rationalized not going back.


Today I got a call from my old primary care physician (I switched after my last appointment with her because its too far from Home/Work and I HATED having to restate my entire health history for her each time even though they are paperless and I know it is sitting right there). The phone call was that FAHC was looking for me and needed to schedule the followup and didn’t know what happened to me. So that prompted me to call and make an appointment for November 15th.


It is just an ultrasound on the 15th so that’s good, I think that was about $350 of the cost. It was $500 + for the mammogram and then the rest was for the biopsy.

I know I shouldn’t have waited but part of me is in SUPER saving mode because we want to have a baby… also because TTC can get expensive. I also have dental bills up the who-ha so my money is spread alittle thin, but isnt that everyone right now.  And I know that Super Saving Mode doesn’t amount to crap if I have breast cancer.


Ill let you all know what they see on the 15th. As of right now, I still have a bump.  It does not hurt whatsoever. I think I just have cystic boobies.


If we are to get pregnant this year, we may just hit our deductible of $5,000. Something fun to look forward to Right?




One Response to “Boob Smushing”

  1. fromheretomotherhood October 26, 2012 at 10:38 am #

    Wow. I cannot imagine having to pay so much for a medical procedure. I have always appreciated Canada’s free health care (obviously it’s not completely free; we pay for it in taxes) but I must admit I took it for granted. I never considered how costly something like that could be. Good luck with your follow up!

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