Acupuncture Update Part 4

25 Oct

Wednesdays acupuncture went well considering I felt really super excited since as of Wednesday at 3:30 I was off until Monday from Work. Scott asked me how I was feeling and if there were any complaints and I indicated in an email earlier in the day (I send him my temperature graph, photos of each days OPK results weekly) that I was sick over the weekend. He decided to continue focusing on the Liver and encouraging it to function at 100%. He did insert one needle in the top of my hairline to help with my congestion.


He inserted about 5 needles in my stomach, two on the left side and three on the right side. A needle between my thumb and pointer on each hand and then a needle around my ankle on each leg and maybe one in each foot, I cant recall (and I cant feel them so its hard to say). As I laid there I had imagery of green plants and forests come into my head between my inner voice singing the Usher Song “Numb“.


I was walking in a forest and it was so green, kind of like the crayon Jungle Green. I remember thinking how beautiful that color was when they released it in Crayola’s 96 box when I was little. I had a hard time relaxing though, I think the idea of not having to work for two days was making me happy, excited, relieved etc.. The rest of the things that popped into my head were grainy images of fog around my hands and feet. Once Scott came in and asked me how I felt, he said that the color Green is the color of the liver so he thought things were progressing well. He instructed me to drink only hot things this week… no cold… which is fine by me, considering I love HOT water. He also told me to keep my mid-section and lower back covered and warm as well. I can do that too considering I am blanket freak in the bedroom. I have our comforter, a fleece blanket on top of that then a fleece blanket on each side of me and on my pillow. I love to be hot. We scheduled our next appointment for Friday and he said “remember, go time as soon as you get a positive or close to a positive on your OPK”.


I left feeling clear. Literally, my sinus pressure was GONE.


I took two OPKs today because the first one had a very faint indicator line. I the other one later on in the day and the line was getting darker. So we are getting close. I showed Ty the first test and he said that he understood why people do additional things when they try to get pregnant. I almost sat right up considering he things alot of this stuff is silly. He then went on to say that after the first month of trying and nothing happening he could see why you need to chart and take the OPKs. He said “Getting pregnant isnt really that easy”. I felt like a light bulb went off in his head… Thank you for finally getting it. THANK YOU! I felt so happy about that.


One thing that I did realize while laying on the table was that I love doing weekly sessions but in no way can afford $240.00 a month in acupuncture. Most people do a month of weeklys and then once a month there after… I hope to do two full months and then maybe biweekly to monthly after that. Its highly addictive and does give me time to myself. Literally. Even when I do yoga at home, Ty could be in another room talking on the phone or the Cats are under foot or I am thinking of when I need to time the next load of laundry… With Scott, I cant get off the table. It forces me to look inward.


So Fingers crossed for the next few days. We go to Salem on Friday for the weekend and are sharing a hotel room with three other people. If I do not get an as dark or darker line on my OPK Thursday or Friday Morning, Ty and I will have to be creative and MAKE alone time. Oh yes, the Softcup will be coming with us.


Peppy helped blog today so here is the cat photo that goes with this post 🙂


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