Being Sick and Having Sex…

23 Oct


Being sick makes you seriously feel like the most UN-sexiest person alive. I swear, the last three days, I have woken up looking like I have been in a NY-quil coma for the last three YEARS. Hair matted. Little Zits popping up. No idea when the last time I shaved my legs. In a Daze. Mascara Running (and I havent put on Mascara since Friday morning!?!?! And its Tuesday?!?!)


My husband is a trooper though. And oddly enough, he hasn’t requested doggy style so he is still taking a look at the goods while we are doing it. Or maybe he is a really good actor, because he is totally still into it and me.


I’m trying to remain and think sexy but its super hard when you cant breathe out of your nose… thus making kissing out to be an Olympic sport of trying to hold your breath and not pass out… Also, the sniffles between the moans probably is a real turn on for Ty as well as the reaching for a tissue smack in the middle of it. But I dont know what is worse, the reaching in the middle of it or the snot hanging out of my nose as I am screaming “Oh God”.


But, we are determined, and forge forward. Messy, Matted, Unwashed Hair and all… after all, Its. Go. Time.



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