I should have gotten my flu shot

22 Oct

I totally should have gotten my flu shot during my period. But I didnt. I dont know why, I had the intention to. I walked into CVS and went to the Pharmacy counter but I think I got distracted by Halloween Flash Eye Lashes and forgot.

So I googled “Trying to Conceive and Flu Shot” and got a zillion answers. One thing I know for sure is that you cannot get a flu shot during your first trimester, or at least 80% of people believe that. There were a few that indicated their doctors said it was fine. Okay – so If I get pregnant this month, question number one for Kristen after asking for a blood test.

Diving into the world of TTC and flu shots, the water gets murky. Some people assume that since you shouldn’t during your first trimester that you shouldn’t while trying to conceive. Which, is a valid point, and my stance. Other people said they did while they were trying to conceive and didnt have any issues. Some people said to do it any other day then 2 days before or after ovulation….

So I dont know… Also, I am not too keen on Flu shots. Even during that H1N1 outbreak I didnt get a flu shot. I do believe in vacations, dont get me wrong, but I dont love the flu shot. Every time I got the flu shot before I would have an extremely long winter where I was constantly sick. I am sure there are many other factors that went into that but since I stop getting the flu shot… I have been fairly okay.

But I want to get my flu shot, especially since we want to get pregnant. I know it is highly recommended for pregnant women so Ill get it.

So, should my period come in November, the day I break out the tampons is the day I go to the doctors to get my flu shot. I promise….

Also, I need to call my dentist and get a cavity filled. I was supposed to call if I got my period in September and he would fit me in (he is VERY against anything other than Cleanings during pregnancy) and I have been putting it off… its not just a cavity but its also some other stuff and its going to cost $970… Story of my Adult Dental Life. Anyway, I have been putting it off because of trying to get pregnant as well as we are in the process of the REFI and I didnt want that debt to look bad, since we having our closing date, I need to just make the appointment and take the plunge to a retainer 😦

So much to worry about and to juggle when trying to conceive! I have given up alcohol (although I had a glass of red wine on Saturday night at dinner, and WOW my temperature was up in the morning, it was odd). Limiting my Caffeine. Staying away from non pasteurized foods (Brie… Blu Cheese… I miss you)… Soda, MAYBE once a week and its ginger ale… Drinking Raspberry Tea… Taking Milk Thistle and Zinc… Limiting my fish intake and red meat intake. Trying to exercise but not over do it… Limiting my stress level by trying to find creative ways to let go and relax… a solid 7 hours of sleep nightly…

Its all worth it though. Its gotta be, right?

Some people have told me to just continue with my life the way it was before… just drink, eat what you want and it will happen. Who is right?

PS – It is super alarming that when I put in a search for Cat getting Medical Shot, that there are ALOT of cats that get arrows shot through their heads. WHAT THE FUCK PEOPLE, are we serious! Anyway. Spay, Neuter, And dont shoot the kitties.


7 Responses to “I should have gotten my flu shot”

  1. Kathryn October 22, 2012 at 9:54 am #

    I got a flu shot a few weeks ago….. hopefully didn’t do any damage! Oh well, too late now. I figured better to get the shot than get the flu? *sigh*

    Don’t worry about brie and other cheeses. YOU CAN HAVE THEM. It is ILLEGAL in the USA to sell unpasteurized cheese. Even BRIE is pasteurized. My friends actually smuggled in some unpasteurized cheese from Canada, somehow they made it through customs. So even Feta, and all of those things, in the USA no matter from where, even if you buy it at a fancy cheese shop, they are all pasteurized. So happy eating!!!!

  2. fromheretomotherhood October 22, 2012 at 12:03 pm #

    I got the flu shot last week and didn’t even think twice about it (and I research everything including the effect of nail polish). Growing up I didn’t get the flu shot, and both of my parents are doctors. However, once I started working at a school and I got really sick my first year, I decided to get the flu shot and I’ve gotten it every year since. My husband is a type 1 diabetic so his immune system is compromised. Getting the flu shot is considered important for both of us for this reason.

    I love feta and goat cheese, so I just check the packaging before buying it (and I wouldn’t get it in a restaurant just in case). Everything I have seen so far says it’s pasteurized. I read above that it’s illegal to sell unpasteurized cheese in the US. I’m not sure if the same is true in Canada, but I would say that pateurized seems to be the norm.

    I have also heard that I should live my life the way I was before. I would say I’m somewhere in the middle. I didn’t change my diet (I am not a very healthy eater and I’m super picky), but I gave up alcohol from O to AF. I have cut down on diet coke and cut it out completely at one point. This past week I’ve been drinking it more, but still not going over the caffeine limits. I sometimes assess children with Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder (FASD) and most of them don’t have full blow FAS, so they don’t have the facial features and often present as children with severe/treatment resistant ADHD and/or learning disabilities. Sometimes they have intellectual disabilities. What separates them from other children with these conditions is known prenatal alcohol exposure. FASD is the one developmental condition that is 100% preventable, so even though I may be overdoing it (and studies in Europe suggest that small amounts of alcohol throughout pregnancy are not only safe, but could even have some benefits — hard for me to swallow) I feel that no alcohol when I could be pregnant is the safe, responsible way to go. It’s unlikely that a drink here or there would cause FASD or even a night of binge drinking before you know that you’re pregnant (especially since the placenta hasn’t formed by 4 weeks), but the central nervous system (the brain and spinal cord) are one of the first things to develop and no safe amount of alcohol can be identified because of the ethics around such an experiment. Also, what might be safe for me, might not be safe for you or vice versa. So, long-winded comment short, I agree with abstaining from alcohol.

    • maretilton October 22, 2012 at 12:52 pm #

      Yeah, I am on the fence about totally changing your life. I mean people living on farms in the 50s birthed out like 10 kids at a time and they are all fine… they had unpasteurized crap up the yin yang. I do agree on alcohol, and this party girl is now reformed… I prefer not to drink. Dont get my wrong, I do love a cold beer in the middle of summer as well as a nice glass of red wine and a blanket in the winter but I dont NEED it anymore.

      I have watched a few pregnant moms to be have a slip here or there and I will probably have my own sips but probably not well into the second trimester, when and if I ever get a second trimester 🙂

      • fromheretomotherhood October 22, 2012 at 1:24 pm #

        It’s actually the first trimester when alcohol would be more detrimental, but it’s not recommended at any point. When we had the doctor from the FASD clinic here to a presentation at my work he said they he recommends that any woman of child bearing age who is sexually active abstain from alcohol (whether she’s TTC or not). To me that was extreme and I drank all I wanted while on 2 forms of birth control.

        I get the 50 years ago argument and it’s true that those kids weren’t born with higher rates of obvious, immediate birth defects, but I find myself more worried about the invisible issues that lead to learning, behavioral, and/or mental health issues once they get to be school age+. I know this is because I work exclusively with people (mostly children) who have special learning needs and my specialty is in cognitive functioning (so the brain is a big focus of mine). I find that people on the internet who argue for drinking while pregnant often say things about how their 3 month old is just fine or how they are 30-something weeks pregnant and it’s fine. While in actuality all is likely to be fine, I personally hate those statements because for most cases of FASD you wouldn’t notice issues yet because there are no obvious physical symptoms in most cases (it’s a spectrum and I come across Alcohol-Related Neurodevelopmental Disorder way more than full FAS). Sorry for the rant, it’s not actually directed at you. I just needed to vent my pet peeve somewhere.

      • maretilton October 22, 2012 at 1:32 pm #

        Oh No, I totally get it. I get that way when I think about the shit people eat. Too many chemicals, Too many processes, Too many unnatural things going into our food and thus our mouths.

        AND WOW – any women of child bearing age should not drink, that is harsh.

        And yes, there are tons of people out there that did certain things while pregnant and their kid is healthy now but you never know in the future. I have a cousin that was adopted and he has some issue stemming from his mother’s alcohol abuse. The issues started out as social issues in his early teens and then branched out into cognitive issues as well as anger issues in his late teens.

        And rants – WELCOMED

  3. maretilton October 22, 2012 at 1:04 pm #

    As a side note, I wrote this post on Friday afternoon… By Friday Evening, I had the worst cold since August 2010 (when we were in Disney world, and surprisingly enough, we were pregnant at the time and didnt know it). It really knocked me on my ass… and I should have gotten my flu shot… and I will, come November 8th when my period is supposed to start.

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