Acupuncture Part 3

19 Oct

So last night was my third session and I think it went pretty well.


I received needles in my tummy, between my thumbs and index fingers and on the inside of my ankles. None of the needles hurt but one of the needles (the one in my lower right side of my stomach) seemed to be screaming “clarity” and “bubbles”. Its hard to explain the sensation but my right side is where I feel most of my cramping and where I felt alot of the dull pain during my ectopic pregnancy had movement. Last night it almost felt like it was a superhighway of energy and things were traveling out of that area and getting rid of old negativity, frustration and tightness. It actually felt as the session went on that my stomach was becoming smaller.


When Scott asked me how I felt after the session, I told him that I felt transparent and very light. He asked if there was any color emitting from any of the sites and I said no, but there were bubbles. I dont know if that is a good thing or a bad thing.


I did relax very fast yesterday. I would say as soon as Scott turned off the light and exited the room I was melting into the table. My mind was still on but it was in the distance. I was still singing a few songs in my head but they were muffled and very hard to hear. I did fall asleep, or at least find a myself in a semi sleep state.

This weeks homework is to move. To think about movement and be active. Scott said the goal is to get the body and mind to work together and make things happen. He told me to sweat alittle each day and be energetic.


Next week is Go week – I am supposed to ovulate around the 25th and my next appointment with Scott is the 24th. I am keeping my fingers crossed. I plan to use the Softcup next week and not just contort myself into some odd ass in the air pose after sex. Next weekend we are going to Salem with our Friends Marty, Mike and some of their family members. I am excited to be taken out of Underhill both Physically and mentally. It should be a nice break.


Also, A big congratulations to Katie who announced her second pregnancy today. I am so excited for her. She is an awesome mom! You can see her blog here


2 Responses to “Acupuncture Part 3”

  1. Kathryn October 19, 2012 at 11:32 am #

    Do you ever have the experience in acupuncture where you are lying there and you drift asleep but then you JERK awake and then freak out because you are afraid you either threw the needles out or will accidentally push the needles in too far?

    • maretilton October 19, 2012 at 11:48 am #

      That did happen last night – My leg jerked and I was concerned that I either dislodged the needle or ripped my skin. Scott didnt say anything so I think I was fine. But I did have a moment of panic. 🙂

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