I went to a bar with Throwup on my Shirt

18 Oct

I did. And I had a hamburger and water and then went home 🙂 But going to a bar with throw up on my shirt, that is not my own, is a new one for me!


Mason Survived an hour with me.

Dont Laugh, I know an hour is a really short amount of time but it was my first time with a non-speaking, non-walking child without other adult (ie the kids parents or grandparents) supervision.


He didnt cry at all, which is SUPER awesome but he did throw up alot. Ill take the throw up! I was given the heads up about the puking by Sarah so I was prepared. I even wore some throw up home with me – I I am going to consider that a medal of honor for my babysitting efforts.


So babysitting wasn’t bad and the kid was an angel! I did give up on changing his clothes after he kept spitting up, I thought I was just going to create more laundry for his mom so I just cleaned him up and let him wear his puke proudly. I did change him once, and he immediately puked. So I should at least get a B+ for effort on that one.


I didn’t attempt to change the diaper. He didn’t poop, but I was prepared for poop. I couldn’t tell if he peed or not so I was like “why waste a good diaper, they are expensive… plus it was an hour so”. Sarah told me that she thinks the changing of a wet diaper now that they are all super absorbent is a “thing only moms know”. Good to know I am not the only stupid person that doesn’t know if the kid peed or not without feeling a little moisture.


He was a cutie though – He sneezed, it was seriously the most adorable thing in the world. He has a cute little laugh which was amazing and he is very animated and loves music.


The parents seemed happy with me so I think babysitting was a success!


And I want a baby even more now. 🙂


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