Trying to take a different approach

15 Oct

So this month, I am going to calm the fuck down.


No really. I need to. I think I have annoyed Tyler enough. I am pretty sure he is so not excited to have sex with me towards the end of the month. And to be honest, last month, it became a chore for both of us.

That’s not fair to either one of us… and that’s not fair to our future child, I mean, I want to know that the day we conceived our kid, we went balls to the walls and had a good night.

So I am going to try to do the following this month daily:

  • Morning – Wake Up and Take my Temperature and then Pee on the Ovulation Kit Stick
  • Leave the ovulation kit alone. Try Not to carry the stick with me throughout the day. No, I don’t physically carry the stick with me but I do think about it. Obsesses about it.
  • Evening – Enjoy my drive home. Workout. Eat a great dinner. Laugh with my husband. And do it when it tickles our fancy.

Of course, closer to the 22nd to the 27th… We will try to up our alone time in the bedroom but we are not going to go through the motions just because. Maybe I will turn to Cosmo to provide me with some Mind Blowing tips.

This weekend I was talking to someone that tried religiously for their first child and it happened after 6 months of trying. When she said six months, I realized, I am half way to that point…. I can stick it out another three months. And she is actually pregnant again with her second. Ty maybe was right… you have one and then the flood gates just open.

I realized while talking with her that things happen the way they are supposed to. Maybe we are not supposed to have a child for 6 more years… and if that is the case, we will deal with it. But I cannot spend 6 years torturing myself or Tyler. Its unfair and its not healthy for our marriage.

I need to accept the things I cannot control… and this is one of them

funny pictures - Control Cat

Can someone remind me of this come November 4th-ish because I know I will be climbing the walls to see if my Period is coming…


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