International Day of the Girl

11 Oct

Today is the international day of the girl.

The day is a movement focused on advocating for Girls and ending Gender Bias. It also is hoping to educate girls on Literacy, Domestic Violence, Empowerment etc… The idea is to have gender equality on all levels (education, workforce, healthcare)


On Cnn.Com, they asked some fairly famous, powerful women “Things you wished you knew at 15”. Most of the answers were “Dream” “Speak Up” “Reach”…

Here are mine:

  1. Don’t start smoking, even though you stop when you Meet your future husband, its not worth it
  2. Try not to get into debt, no matter what people say, you do not need that many pairs of jeans or purses. If you do get in debt, make sure its because of a fabulous vacation that you will always remember.
  3. When you go to college, study what you want… not what your mom wants
  4. No one gives a shit if you have a pimple on your face. No one. Trust me.
  5. Go on spring break at least once in college. You will regret if you dont.
  6. Trying to out drink your boyfriend or your friends that are boys… Never ends well
  7. 98% of guys are trying to sleep with you, I didnt believe it until I was 30… but its true…
  8. There are such people as frenemies, stay at a safe distance away but know that sometimes they will need you and you should be the better person
  9. Do yoga, even though you think its silly
  10. Volunteer more, you will be a happier person
  11. Show up to work at least 10 minutes early, people notice
  12. Trust your gut instinct and always be aware of your surroundings
  13. Don’t sleep away your weekends
  14. Sending a handwritten note never goes out of style
  15. Make time for your mom, even though she annoys the crap out of you (you will be just like her when you turn 30)
  16. Its never too early to invest in Wrinkle Cream
  17. Don’t get into the fad of platform shoes, ever. They will keep coming back throughout your lifetime but they don’t look good on you and never will
  18. Buy good bras and know that you don’t need to have THAT much pushup
  19. Dance (but you are not Britney Spears)
  20. Don’t speed, you will get there when you get there…
  21. Drink alot of water
  22. Pay yourself first before you pay another other bills (Save)
  23. Stand up for what you think is right even if that is not popular
  24. VOTE
  25. You are actually good at math, but terrible at spelling
  26. You will never stop biting your nails, so stop trying to stop
  27. Being Voted Most Responsible is really NOT that bad
  28. Don’t compare your life to anyone else’s life, your life is pretty awesome, even with all the detours and stalls
  29. Stand up Straight
  30. Always moisturize when you get out of the shower and before bed – Also take off all your makeup (and stop wearing so much!


What would you tell your 15 year old self if you could? How do you celebrate being a girl?

Here are some places you can find more information on International Day of the Girl:

Official Site

CNN Article

Huffpo Article


4 Responses to “International Day of the Girl”

  1. justamassachusettsgirl October 11, 2012 at 3:01 pm #

    Don’t go on birth control. It’ll fuck with your hormones.

    Take every opportunity to travel or study abroad.

    Go to state school. For God’s sake. Private college is not worth 30 years of debt.

    BTW, avoid debt like the plague. I mean, don’t even finance your car. Seriously. It sucks being indebted. Your mortgage is the only thing you should ever borrow for.

    Major in nursing, not in a dying field like print journalism. It’ll save you from doing crappy jobs you hate and save you from having to go back to school later to be retrained.

    Friendship is a lot more important than you realize right now.

    Give your grandma a hug and visit her often. She won’t be around forever.

    • maretilton October 11, 2012 at 3:22 pm #

      We should add:
      Dont be afraid to buy condoms

      Journalism / communication (that was mine) is a good field if you have a clear direction and drive on what you want to to.. (I do have alot of friends that wanted to either go into sports writting, TV anchoring, Production in school and they did it… I was wishy washy)

      Write down the stories your grandparents tell you

      Even if you pay in full for your car, start saving for your next one

      Be appreciative of your DD because one day you will be waking up at 1am to go get drunkies.


  2. fromheretomotherhood October 11, 2012 at 9:56 pm #

    Ugh can I talk to my 17 year old self instead:
    1. You deserve better than him
    2. You are worthy and don’t need to earn anyone’s approval or love
    3. You look beautiful and thin, stop picking yourself apart
    4. Learn to let go of the past
    5. Lavender lipstick in grade 8 was bad, thank you for figuring that out
    6. Just have fun! Now is the time to be carefree and frivolous

    • maretilton October 12, 2012 at 1:15 pm #

      Number 5 is AWESOME. We had the brown lip liner with pink or nude lipstick in 8th grade. NEVER a good luck. Although there is a revlon color that I used to wear all the time and I thought about picking it up last night but its totally lavender… TOTALLY

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