9 Oct

A girl at my office kindly gave me a Softcup. I am super excited!!!!

What is a softcup? Well its kind of like a dome-y shaped rubber thing that can be inserted to help aid in conception or to be used in place of a tampon. First and foremost, NO MORE PUTTING MY FEET LOCKED INTO THE HEADBOARD FOR 20 MINUTES AFTER SEX! I am sure that Tyler will be excited not to stare at my bare ass hanging up in the air. He often tries to hand me my undies but I refuse, thinking that any moment may cause another eruption or leakage.  I just let my bare ass hang out for alittle as Ty starts to drift off to sleep and the dog gets comfy.

I have been thinking about trying the softcup, not only for trying to conceive but also because of my period. Remember way back when I wrote about my disappearing period (go here to read)… well this cycle has been interesting . Two days of heavy and then just super light – almost barely spotting. I would love to use the cup on the days of the barely spotting because frankly, I get sick of wearing tampons and light day panty liners. Like SUPER sick of them. I could probably use the softcup on the heavier days but until I get the hang out taking it out, I am going to wait on that one.


With the regular softcup, it is not reusable but its not expensive AT ALL! It kind of reminds me of the nuva ring (ring toss?). You can wear the softcup for 12 hours (or you can purchase a long lasting one now for your entire period), It is also latex free and hypo-allergenic which is super awesome! They sell them at drug stores, normally walmart or walgreens by the tampons.


I am thinking that when I get my lovely matching lines on the ovulation kit, I will be popping this bad boy in 🙂 Which, by the way, I love the idea of because I am so tired of sitting at my desk and three hours later feeling alittle wet because my body just expelled Tys Spermies. Its seriously gross. And it also makes it super hard for me to figure out my CM.


So thank you MR! THANK YOU! You pushed me in a direction I wanted to go but was hesitant! Also, Ty thanks you for allowing us to have alittle alone time, anytime! I am super excited to try it out!



2 Responses to “Softcup!!!”

  1. Kathryn October 9, 2012 at 10:46 am #

    lol the last picture of the cat really made me laugh. Looks like our cat Sage 🙂 LOVES ribbons!! I didn’t know that they made disposable soft cups.. I have heard of the Diva Cup which is like a reusable/washable one, I have thought about that for periods.. I just don’t like digging up there if you know what I mean. It makes me all queasy thinking about it.

    • maretilton October 9, 2012 at 11:03 am #

      Well when I did use the Nuva Ring, I thought It would be odd putting it in and fishing for it but its really not. I never bothered me and it never SUPER far up there. Its like checking the positive of your Cervix but finding a prize 🙂

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