Sex Camel

6 Oct

So I got my period on Friday – Which is awesome, at least I know I am not pregnant.

But I have the worst cramps ever! And speaking of which, I remember, this exact date last year, where I was going to the Stowe Arts Fest having the WORST period and it was HEAVY. Funny how a year passes and things are the same.

Anyway, Being the little hopeful planner that I am… I put on our calenders when we need to focus on having alittle M & T time, as well as when I need to start using the Ovulation Kit Again… and then I went further into when my baby would be due if I get pregnant this cycle, and when I would be showing and all that lovely shit.

And I thought – HOLY CRAP I have a month to wait again. A MONTH. A WHOLE LENGTHY MONTH.  BLURG.

But I am trying to remind myself that I need to take a step back… not worry about the cycle, just deal with things day by day. Which is super hard but I am going to try to relax a bit more this cycle. I am also going to try to spice some things up in the bedroom since things get alittle bland towards the end of the month. I think Ty is actually more excited that I have my period right now because it means his gets another month of all the time. Which is unusual for us because we tend to go in phases of all or nothing… He has called me a sex camel before which is so true. I can get my fill and then just draw off of that for a long time.

I am hoping the month goes by fast though – not for baby wait 2012 but because I dislike the winter. I want winter to come and go. I am much more of a summer girl. I like spring. Fall can go screw itself for all I care. Its rainy, trees are bare, grass starts to die – its dark super early. Nothing good comes of it (except rolling back your clock in November and October horror movies).

So This month, I will be doing Acupuncture once a week. Yoga every other day… combined with some light running as well as weights every day.  I will also be Changing my diet alittle to help my liver and taking Zinc, Milk Thistle, Fish Oil, Prenatals and Calcium Chewies. And of course bringing up the rear, doing OPKs and taking my temps.

And to start this new month of new beginnings and outlooks, I am going to get a hair cut and I mean a hair CUT – saying good by to a few inches of my wedding hair and getting back to a more time friendly style for the mornings.

Happy Trying!


One Response to “Sex Camel”

  1. Kathryn October 6, 2012 at 2:37 pm #

    Sex camel. this is hilarious. and I so get it. Sorry about your period though 😦 I am really rooting for you.

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