Stick a needle in me and call me francis Part 1

5 Oct

I have no idea where I got that title from…

So This post is about Acupuncture. I wrote this blog in two parts… I will put my Acupuncture experience first and my beforehand thoughts last… why out of order? Because  I want to be all JJ Abrams like and story tell out of order.

The Appointment:
When I first went into the office I thought “Smells like weed” No Lie. But I was like “Mariann give it a chance”. Then I met Scott and I was at ease. He reminds me of a friends older brother (Looking at you Joe Mason). Not just in looks but in mannerisms and the way he talks. We went over my 5 page history, which he said was really helpful, and he asked me to do one thing starting at that moment… Be In THIS Moment. He told me that he could tell that alot of my anxiety was coming from thinking about the past and the future. He said rightfully so though but in order to make this work, I had to promise to be in the now.

We went over my charts and temperatures. He asked me for a copy of my temperatures and I told him I would send that over to him when I got home. He said my temperatures show a low functioning organ.

He told me that my late period would come tomorrow. I was like Im glad you are so sure. He was like be in the now. Damn you Scott, Damn you!

He felt my stomach and asked if there was any pain or pressure or odd feelings then he said he would start by working . I turned over and he inserted needles on the side of my spine both right and left and told me that it was now my time to be in the now. He asked me to relax, shut down and think about the how my body is feeling and reacting. The needles did not hurt at all. And they were not noticeable. Scott left the room and I tried to be in the now.

After about a minute or two of singing “Moves like Jagger” in my head, I decided to focus. I started thinking about my body and naming my body parts. Feet, Calves, Knees, Elbows, Eyes and then it happened. My arms started to feel light, although weightless and then I had a slight pinch where the first needle was and my right arm was the heaviest arm in the world. It was surprising. Then the pain went away, arm was light again. This repeated for a bit and I just told myself to be open.

Scott came back in, removed the needles and asked me to get dressed. When he came back he had a list of things that I could do to improve some of my body functions. He thinks that my liver is functioning at alittle less than ideal. He thinks the blood flow and process in the liver could be inhibiting us conceiving.
He expressed that he was excited and thought that this would only take a few times before I call him to tell him I am pregnant.  He repeated what Ty has said “At Least we know you can get pregnant” and told me to start making small changes in my diet and we would do more work next week.

**** The Liver is consiered the General. It is not only responsibile for storing blood but also essential in ovulation, conception and fertility. It is responsible for the circulation of Qi. I apparently have poor Qi circulation 🙂 ****

I left feeling relieved. I guess it was because I know I am often closed both emotionally and physically. Also he said that the wait and see approach doesnt always work because you build up so much anxiety. He told me to continue charting, doing an OPK and writing down how I feel.

He also said that I need to remember before bed to think about three things I am happy for within the day.  Scott and Tyler probably talked about that before hand, because Ty has harped on me about doing that.

So, that weed smell – apparently is some herb that is used in pain management. I was like um… Weed is used in pain management but whatever 🙂 Scott laughed.

I left feeling hopeful and ready to make some changes. Milk Thistle Tea… Zinc… Here I come 🙂

Oh – And I got my period this morning. I am glad. Here’s to a new month. New Hope. New Beginnings!

First Part, Before my Appointment:

My appointment is at 6:30pm in Essex. This makes for a bad commute home. I already drive 44 miles to and from work each way. Essex is close to my house but still out of the way. If I leave work at 4:30, like I am supposed to, I would be in essex by like 5:20 at the latest leaving me time to kill. Of course, I can go to the CVS and use my extra bucks to buy foundation that I dont need but whatever. I thought about staying at work til 5:00pm but there is just not enough work to justify it so… Ill be super early for my appointment.  This whole idea of when to leave and should I stop home first has been eating at me all week. Literally freaking me out all week. I think its displaced anxiety.

I turn to go ogle and see that most first appointments involve history, expectations etc… So I thought, HISTORY? I can write that all down so I wont omit anything.

I spent time writing down 5 pages about my health (jotting down car accidents, a bad period in 2005, dental work in 2010/2011, my ectopic pregnancy in 2010, UTIs, Eating Habits,  etc). I also wrote about random aches and pains, family history, what I hope to get out of this (Pregnant by January IF possible) and what I need to find internally to help myself from going insane. I scanned, in color, those lovely five pages over to Scott. I am sure he is THRILLED.  I will also bring the originals to him. I hope he is not turned off by my overly enthusiastic willingness to get this show on the road.

I also put out a feeler on Facebook and people responded with Drink Water before Hand, May be sleepy afterwards, that it may take awhile to see results but stick with it. I make mental notes and stow them in my brain.


I much rather have silence or 80s Phil Collins or Hall & Oats. I can relax when someone is talking though, maybe he will just talk the entire time. I hope he is not a nose breather with alot of nose hairs. Come on you know what I am talking about… you go to get a massage or a facial or something and all you here is whistling or russling of stray hairs and heavy breaths. Im being too critical right?

I had a religion teacher in High School that would do mediation with us and I would end up drooling as the end of period bell rang and it takes alot for me to fall asleep randomly, let alone fully relax but Miss C did it for me. Actually strike that, little known fact, If you put something on my head, like a hat or a blanket, I will fall asleep within 10 minutes. Don’t know why but I need my head covered to sleep.

My mind is on overdrive right now.  But I guess its better than trying to figure out if I really did ovulate in September, If I could possibly be pregnant right now even though I am not turning a test and looking at photos of peoples pregnancy tests 15Dpo’s and killing myself inside like I normally do.

Please note that I did not have any caffeine today even though it seems like I am bouncing off the walls.

CVS Goals:

  • Magic Lumi Foundation (update, I bought, LOVE IT)
  • Halloween Cards (forgot)
  • Maybe some fun flash eyelashes just because (forgot)
  • Still deciding if I should take the plunge on buying the CoQ-10 even though its expensive and maybe Steve will suggest some other things. (didn’t bother… i ended up buying primer, water, Good Housekeeping, Lip Balm)


  • Scott thinks I am nuts (he doesnt and he puts me at ease)
  • What if Scott can like tell I will never get pregnant, is that possible? (dispelled)
  • Maybe I will be so relaxed, Ill let out alittle toot and it will totally smell (totally farted while Scott was out of the room. I told Scott that my feet would probably smell since I was wearing heels all day, he thanked me for the heads up but said he never really notices unless there is a really strong odor which then he would try to adjust through inserting needles at various points of the body)
  • Enya will be playing (it was peaceful thank god!)
  • Scott is a hairy nose breather (not at all)

One Response to “Stick a needle in me and call me francis Part 1”

  1. fromheretomotherhood October 6, 2012 at 5:26 pm #

    I gather from your blog posts that you are a type A personality, as am I. When I started acupuncture and herbals, I found this info really helpful (be prepared, it’s long): – One of the things I learned was that liver chi is associated with anxiety.

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