You REALLY cant hear that?!?!!

3 Oct

So I got a new basal thermometer considering I want to make sure that I can see to the XX degree my temperature. I mean really if you know anything about me, I go over board on everything. So I bought a new thermometer and it arrived yesterday. I tested it out knowing that some reviewers on amazon said it was hard to see in the dark because the face is not illuminated. I can deal with that, I downloaded the flashlight app for my phone and will just use that. Complaint adverted.
So back to testing.. the dang thing was not beeping as it was supposed to every so often. I tell Ty “I think its broke, its not beeping”. Ty looks at me like I have three heads… Meanwhile the dog is pacing the dining room ears pointed… I try it again… Dang thing must be broke. Ty looks at me with wide eyes and the dog is getting more agitated. Try it again… Ty stops me and goes “You really cannot hear that?!? I will blink every time it beeps”… So I press the button and Tys blinking every three seconds and the dog is even MORE agitated. OHHHHHHHH The beep is not on my hearing range. AWESOME.  Ty hears it  and the Dog apparently HATES IT.

I know I have hearing issues but come on! REALLY?!?!??! I held the thermometer up to my ear and then I could BARELY hear it. It was like when you sat in the foam booth and you had to raise your hand every time you heard the beep during the hearing test… only, I was STRAINING to hear my thermometer. UGH


Ty asks “What are you going to do?”… I was said “What are WE going to do? WE are going to help each other out and you will tell me when its done beeping in the morning.” He replied GREAT.  Oh the obstacles to having a baby… not only does my womenly parts not want to cooperate… but now my ears… Shit, the odds are just against me at this point.


Im not starting the new thermometer until I get my period… which should be any day considering I am late and every test I have peed on… is… NEGATIVE.


If no period by Thursday, I am calling the doctor. I mean four days late is not that bad but in my case… its unusual and maybe it means I am ectopic… who knows. Fingers crossed though.



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