1 Oct

Today is d day for my period.


So yeah… waiting…


I told Ty this morning that I would be upset if I didnt get my period… He asked why, in a very surprised manor and I told him because than that means my cycle is screwed up. I am ruling out that I am pregnant… why? Because I have taken like 50 pregnancy tests in the last week… NOT EVEN A FAINT FREAKING LINE so thats a negative. I am 12DPO, or so I think considering I was only using OPKs and I got a blue line on the 18th and then nothing the evening of the 18th… Anyway, I do not have any normal symptoms of my period. Boobies hurting… No Fatigue (I am actually on like super drive energy wise)… Moderate Acne, but I did just change my laundry detergent.

Anyway… Acupuncture on Thursday – Until then, I am going to hold off on trying anything else crazy. Like buying more random things to improve what I think may be my bad egg quality. I also think that I have a short Lutual Phase… as well as blocked tubes… Of Course this is all self diagnosed. So Until Then, I am going to try to relax alittle and just wait for my period to arrive.




2 Responses to “Waiting”

  1. justamassachusettsgirl October 1, 2012 at 11:00 am #

    There’s a quick procedure a RE can do to check for blocked tubes. I had it and can tell you more about it if you’re interested.

  2. maretilton October 1, 2012 at 11:48 am #

    Thanks! I have been thinking about calling the Doctor again but I have been told to wait until January to start freaking out – hardest thing I will ever have to do! I just read way too much on the internet. WAY too much

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