Modern Family Premiere

28 Sep

So the new season of Modern Family started on Wednesday and it basically picked up where the last season left off…

  • Gloria is pregnant
  • Mitch and Cam, day after their failed adoption

It was a tough episode to watch but totally spoke to me. First and Foremost, GENIUS LINE

So what you’re saying is you have a child shaped hole in your heart and you wanna stuff a cat into it.

My thoughts every time I get my period. No really… I swear, I start looking on and try to get the cutest most furriest cat available. Also I look for cats that need extra love – Blind?! Sure! Extra Toes?!?! Sign me up?!?! Three Legged, Going Home with me right now bitch.  Tyler, of course, shuts that idea down. Although he did said that we could get another cat after we finish our kitchen remodel (The Appraiser comes October 5th, FINGERS crossed people FINGERS CROSSED).  Anyway, so to fill the void of not being able to adopt, Mitch, Cam and Lily set out to donate some of the baby gifts and happen to stumble on a pet adoption site. They try to adopt a cat but the agency insists on paperwork and a site visit. Thankfully Ty and I have never had to have a site visit but we have filled out tons of paperwork for out cats and have even had to take a test indicating if we were really cat people… HELLO… people, we literally talk to our cats, take them for walks around our land on a leash and make up mini life stories for them. WE ARE CAT PEOPLE. After being unable to take the cat home that day, Mitch and Cam feel defeated again and go to their fathers house for a birthday dinner where they find out that Gloria is pregnant. Mitch and Cam’s reaction was priceless. It was a combination of anger/jealousy/defeat/sadness/questioning of Gods existence.
I am so glad that the writers decided to include a failed adoption and a natural reaction like that. I do have to say that instead of a hug after the failed cat adoption, they totally should have kissed. Come on America, its 2012 – Gay Marriage is here and it’s not going away. Embrace it and if you dont like it then keep it to yourself because I am pretty sure that Gay couples do not like having to put up with your straight poorly planned weddings constantly.
Modern Family made me cry because it is a part of life. People have failed marriages, failed adoptions, failed pregnancies, failed relationships and you, as person, need to find ways to cope. Its not always easy but I can promise you that you are not the only one out there that has experienced loss.
So I applaud you Modern Family for touching me in away that many other TV shows have not (expect Glee, I cry at almost every episode… And the Series Finale  of Six Feet Under… I have never cried so hard in my life!).

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