Shut Em Down

26 Sep

I may have over reacted. I probably did. Alright. I know I did.

One of the girls at work asked if I was pregnant after lunch in a completely giddy high voice… I SHUT. THAT. SHIT. DOWN. Right quick.

As a side note – That song is from Any Given Sunday and that Soundtrack was AWESOME back in 2002.

Back to the question. So I respond and say, “I am not pregnant and please stop asking because I get it alot here”.

She apologized and said she didnt think that she asked me that much and that was her first time really asking and I told her she didnt need to apologize but I will tell them whenever I am pregnant. She went on to say how it takes people awhile and how she understands that and she was sorry.

Now granted… my emotional state right now is so up and down. I literally wanted to cry Three times last night – For no reason. And then one time this morning while I was driving to work because of some stupid radio ad. Its just my normal emotional roller coaster before my period. Also, I will not refer to my period as AF EVER. Im sorry. I just cant. Its like when Anna Steele in 50 Shades said “My Sex”?… I wanted to vomit all over the page. Seriously. There are like 50 other words for her vagina… My sex doesnt even make sense!?!?  I will list other words she could have used, which do you like the best?

  • Vagoo
  • Flower
  • Vajayjay
  • Mingy (from South Park) my fav
  • C*nt
  • P*ssy
  • Tw*t
  • Secret Garden
  • Other Lips
  • WhoHa
  • Vag
  • Thingie (also can be used for a penis)
  • Lady Box
  • Box
  • Butterfly (Jason Mraz has a song about it…
  • Pink Taco
  • Beef Curtains
  • Candy Shop
  • Sugar
  • Princess Pink
  • Hairy Lady

Anyway… I am super sensitive right now. I am also freaking out. Well not like freaking out but kinda freaking out. I am about ready to buy another round of ovulation kit pee sticks as well as a Clear Blue Easy Test Pack (According to Amazon, people get better reading from those). I have already contacted a really super nice place for acupuncture (sorry, LM, I cant wait! I know you told me to wait but I cant… sorry!) and even mentioned to Tyler that I think he needs to get is sperm tested. He is highly against the testing because his rationale is that we got pregnant before so something works… but what if he has gimpy spermies?

Speaking of that— His sperm testing is FULLY coverage by my health insurance. WTF… its 2012 and we are just getting birth control covered by health insurance and SPERM TESTING HAS BEEN FULLY COVERED FOR HOW LONG. Oh Lord, seriously people. I dont have enough energy to jump onto that soap box right now.

Tonight I think I am going to do a 45 minute set of Yoga… Drink some green tea… and maybe ask for a massage from Tyler or cuddle with a kitty.

5 Days till figuring out if I got some baby dust up in my Mingy. Til then – Happy Trying / Happy Pregnancy / Happy Wednesday.




4 Responses to “Shut Em Down”

  1. Katie September 26, 2012 at 12:32 pm #

    Ohhhh thank you Mare for the totally disapproval of “my sex” !! It drove me nuts!

    • maretilton September 27, 2012 at 9:07 am #

      My Mingy says “you’re welcome”

  2. nobodysperfick September 26, 2012 at 9:09 pm #

    Good for you for telling that woman to essentially STFU. People need to mind their biz.

  3. fromheretomotherhood September 27, 2012 at 3:11 pm #

    Secret Garden bahahahahhahaa too funny! I use vagina most of the time (nothing wrong with biological accuracy), but I also enjoy vag, box, and because I’m from a bilingual Canadian province and me and my friend use a lot of Franglais (Anglais = English in French so Franglais is a bastardized mix of French and English), boite (box in French). For example, me and my friends will jokingly say things such as “ferme ta boite” (shut your box) to each other. We are crude and love each other for it 🙂

    And right on for speaking your mind to that woman. I am a fan of that as well!

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