You gotta be F*cking Kidding Me

25 Sep

So this post happened last night but whatever.

I call Tyler on my way home as I always do and ask what we should do for dinner, he asked me to figure it out. Bad move on his part. I dont cook. Its not that I cant but Im horrible at it. I once put an entire bottle of Montreal Seasoning into a 4lb package of ground beef. Those were NOT tasty. I also once read (and this is baking and I am fairly good at it, minus these two things) brewed coffee as coffee grounds, so I poured brewed coffee grounds into a cupcake mix. I had to start over. And I once read 2 tablespoons of butter as two stick of butter… needless to say, I had to restart my graham cracker crust. Anyway… So the kitchen and I are on a very limited relationship. So what does handling dinner for me intail… well either salad or spaghetti (I even screwed that up once but pouring the spaghetti down the drain as I was trying to strain it.) So I go to the Shaws (that I hate, because it is over priced) and think dinner… I got Salad stuff, Grilled Cheese and Tomato Soup Stuff and some Mexican stuff.. So the Grilled Cheese and Mexican required cheese. I didnt spring for the 14.00 block of Cabot cheese but I sprung for the 8.99 Shaws brand cheese. I get home, Ty gets home and says what did I get. He was thrilled with grilled cheese and tomato soup for dinner, he said it was a perfect night for that. As he starts to open the cheese, he goes “ewww”… I look and the damn block of cheese has mold on it. Granted this is not the first time overpriced Shaws sold bad shit (I bought the three pack of lettuce once and one of them was completely brown by the time I got home). Ty starts to cut around the cheese and it seemed fine, he tastes it and literally is wiping his tongue afterward going NO NO NO NO NO NO CANT EAT THAT. So dinner, slightly ruined. That cheese is going back tomorrow and instead of a refund, I want the block of the Cabot Cheese.

Cheese Cat


So after that small setback I read this little gem…


Are you kidding me??!?!?! Women with abs of steel was pregnant during the olympics and now she is about 11 weeks pregnant and it was her and her husbands first try??? UGH you make me sick woman but seriously congratulations (in a totally über jealous, slight temper tantrum way).


I wish I didnt feel that way whenever I find out that someone is pregnant but I really felt ultra shitty after reading that. I need to work on being a better congratulator (not that I know her in real life) but I normally just say “Congrats” and then change the subject. I do avoid baby showers, not that I have been invited to a bunch, but I avoid them. I do avoid baby talk with people that I know have just started trying because I know I am not the best person to talk to (I probably roll eyes). I do NOT avoid talking with other people in the same boat as me… and surprisingly when I find out that someone who has been trying for awhile or had some disappoints in the past gets pregnant, I am actually happy for them.


Also, when I was pregnant the first time, I didnt do anything other than Step for like 30 minutes at a super low pace. I stopped Cardio because I didnt have a clue what was going on and what I could or couldnt do. I did order tons of books that sunday we found out we were pregnant… sadly they all came AFTER we lost the baby. That was a knife in an open wound, let me tell you! Anyway, Girl was diving for stuff and getting all sandy and her kid is growing and healthy? God bless. I do mean that. Like thankfully the kid is healthy and growing and mom is doing well. But it does put me to shame, I do think that if and when we get pregnant I am not moving unless I have to for the first twelve weeks as not to shake the kid out (I kid, but really I am not going to do much).


Sending Baby Dust out there in hopes that I get some Karma Baby Dust in return!




2 Responses to “You gotta be F*cking Kidding Me”

  1. Kathryn September 25, 2012 at 9:07 am #

    Yea, I agree. Really? Olympic hardcore volleyball? And baby is just snug as a bug in there? I guess it’s the equivalent of heavy drug users getting pregnant too. It’s like, how? How is your body accepting of this? Annoying to say the least.
    Sending you have buckets of baby dust 🙂

  2. Mrs. S September 25, 2012 at 4:22 pm #

    Eff you Keri Walsh Jennings! Why not have another gold medal…and ANOTHER baby. Oy.

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