I dont need my gallbladder???

23 Sep

Did you know that some women after having a baby… have their GALLBLADDER REMOVED? And even some people have it removed during pregnancy!??!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!

I have not read this ANYWHERE in my books! WTF people!?!?!?! What else am I missing!

You can get Gallstones which is a build up of fats and apparently cause alot of pain!!!! Pregnancy hormones change how your body does alot of things – including processing high fat foods. Also some people believe that baby kicking can cause gallbladder pains… To avoid having issues with your gallbladder you are supposed to eat high fiber foods, limit the fatty foods, exercise yada yada yada… and once you do give birth, dont lose more than 2lbs of baby weight per week and continue to maintain a healthy diet.

Some of the symptoms (after you had the baby) that should alarm you is loose poopies…. severe pain in your upper abdomen… and severe pukies.

Great. So in addition to leaking, bleeding, trying to have my stitches not rip out(yes, I have already decided that I will need stitches to avoid anal vaginal tearing) and dealing with little sleep, poopie diapers and probably a whiny husband, I have to worry about Loose Stool? Mother Nature you are a cruel cruel woman!

I have an issue with this – well not really but

1. why have I not read this before?

2. Where is my gallbladder located?

3. How come I don’t need it after it is taken out? Why is it there to begin with?

I am sure my gallbladder, my regular bladder, my boobies, stretch marks and all that other stuff that gets taken over by a baby will be nothing compared to holding my future child in my arms. But until I have that child in my arms, I am going to curse it under my breath! Oh who are we kidding, I will be so over the moon once I can confirm I have a “healthy” pregnancy that I probably will stop cursing all together as not to spoil my unborn child’s virgin ears.

Here is more info from BabyCenter – Remember, all information posted on the internet requires additional research – don’t ever believe that Vince Vaughn died on a jet ski unless you can see it on the LA Times, CNN and/or the BBC website. (Shout out to Sarah for totally texting me that he died this week, told ya bitch to not believe it) . So take this article with a grain of salt and hopefully the baby dust fairy will pass over you in the gallbladder department.



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