And then I realized, I was Old…

22 Sep

Over dinner the other night Tyler and I were listening to drunk stories galore. From pooping and puking while trying to seduce an Ex girlfriend (the seduction was successful) to losing friends during the night to just plain old passing out, I realized something…

I do not have those weekends anymore.

I do passout – On the couch, normally by 9:30 but all that other stuff… nope.

Do I miss them? No. But kinda. I do not miss the hangovers, the drama, the dating scene, the drinks being spilled on me, the walk of shame… I do miss the excitement that came with Friday night… getting dressed over a three hour period of time… (As Jenna Marbles said, how long a girl gets ready is how awesome the night is going to be), going downtown, having a shot, meeting someone… dancing the night away… drunk pizza. I miss that but I really dont.

I was grasping to find the last time Tyler and I were “that drunk” and I would probably say A wedding we went to in July (Tyler peed in the Hotel’s night stand thinking it was the pee hole. He called it the pee hole while drunk sleep walking) and then before that our Wedding night in May. Is that a bad thing that I couldnt remember the last time we were that drunk… No.

Our Drunk stories are few and far between… we are also older than the friends we were out with. Their ages are from 22 to 25 and they are all in different parts of their lives… from a bad breakup to single and looking, going out is how they meet people, how they socialize. I said to one of the friends that I found it so funny to see how Tyler and I are in a different section of our lives compared to the stories that were being told. She responded that when she was last seriously dating someone she didnt have that many drunk stories and it kind of comes with the territory of dating someone. You still get drunk but not AS drunk and then when you really settle down… getting drunk is put on the backburner for a good night of sleep or your TV shows that you may have missed during the week.

I used to love going out. I was that girl. I was the always drunk girl, having fun… making bad decisions. I am now the girl that told someone at the table “If you need a ride, you call us and we will both come and get you and your car and get you home”.

Tyler and I were like the parents at the table. Granted Tyler does still drink. He still wants to go hard but restrains for the most part. There is a party this weekend where everyone is planning to day drink (day drinking never ends well) and he is mentally preparing himself for having a few beers OR being so hung over he hates himself the next morning. Why not a middle ground? I do miss a glass of wine here and there but I am kinda enjoying my seltzer and ice tea.

When did I grow up? Was it when we moved 20 minutes away from downtown and taking a cab meant a $60.00 cab ride? Or was it when we got a dog that needs to be let out and we cant stand to be away from for long periods of time? Or was it when we decided to have a baby… like For Reals this time.

When I got pregnant last time I was still going out and drinking pretty regularly (thanks to a crappy stressful job) and I was taking medication for some major dental problems, no wonder things didnt turn out well. But now, I am trying to be the best that I can be, healthier choices, sleep, fruits, less cardio more yoga… Things have changed.

I am sure that Mariann Circa 2007 exists somewhere, crying outside of a dance club or ordering another round of Tequila or spending three hours getting ready or having a bottle of rum to herself or even saying “You Dont Know Me Im from Philly”… But that is not the Mariann of 2012. I much rather spend my Friday night snuggled with Tyler on the couch in sweats. Speaking of sweats, I know that Mariann Circa 2007 would NEVER wear a tshirt and jeans out with sneakers or flats… but yeah, this Mariann… Does. And it rocks.

There are times I feel out of place at bars sipping my water. Sometimes the music is just god damn awful. Sometimes I cant figure out how to dance to Dub Step. But When I drive home and lay in my bed and do not have the spins, WINNING.

When did you realize Drinking wasnt a priority anymore? Have you hit that point? Maybe people dont all hit that point. Once we stop Trying to Conceive, I know I will have drunk nights but they will involve maybe two glasses of wine and then the toilet… opposed to two glasses of wine, shots, beer and redbull then toilet.

Until that day – Georgia Peach Seltzer Please 🙂


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