Book Report: The Impatient Woman’s Guide to Getting Pregnant

18 Sep

By: Jean M Twenge, PhD.



This lady is a doctor as well as a mother of three (I believe, I was rushing through the book because well, I am impatient) who has seen women try and try and try and she has tried herself.  The main point of the book is charting cycles and basically teaches you how to take an active roll in your fertility which can be a game of chance. She discusses taking vitamins prior to trying such as C0-Q10 and Fish Oil (and yes, I did go out and buy them today) as well as ensuring that you are a healthy weight.  She debunks the myth of bicycling after sex but say it does not hurt to lay horizontal for a few minutes after the deed. She does go into hard research to support her suggestions.  She also discusses all the options of monitoring fertility, from cervical mucus to basal thermometers (honestly up until like 3 weeks ago, I thought I had to stick the basal thermometers in my butt, probably why I avoided them) to Ovulation Kits to using PreSeed. She suggests trying Charting first then another option such as a Basal or OPK but not all at the same time because it will drive you crazy.


Speaking of Crazy she goes into how “Just relax” is not the ideal thing to say to a woman that wants to be pregnant 5 minutes ago. She tries to explain easy ways of diverting questions of Are you Pregnant Yet… When will you be Pregnant and the like. She takes my stance on that by the way, unless the person is offering info, dont ask. EVER. She suggests finding ways to take your mind off of TTC through relaxation techniques and hell even TV. She offers real life examples of people who were highly stressed and did get pregnant… showing that all things are relative.


She also spends alot of time on the male side of fertility. Instructing Men to have their sperm count tested, taking vitamins, supporting their partner. She is actually kind of funny when it comes to men.


One thing that I do like is that she goes into her own story of a miscarriage and how she has seen people come back from it. Before it was hard for me to read those types of stories but she does present them in a very “im your girlfriend” type of way.  She does go into IVF and other ways to promote fertility. With Miscarriage she takes solemn approach but gives practical information. Its okay to cry. Its okay to freak out about random statistics you hear but most important should you decide to move forward lets get you on the road to taking fertility in your own hands. Basically she says fertility is like counting cards, its a game of luck but also ways to cheat  and some are good at cheating and others need to just practice.


The best part of the book is the end – not that it was bad but she literally has about 10 pages you can read to get the jist of the book. Truly the right type of book for the impatient women. I felt better after reading it, although I knew many of those things, but it was nice to see it all in my complete place.


I highly suggest this book as a good primer or reading for the newly trying couple. You should also have your partner read the book. I doubt Tyler liked me reading the book out loud in pieces but hey, its better than nothing – Because he is truly busy!


And if you would like to borrow, let me know! Ill send it your way after photocopying the last few pages. It took me about two hours to read the book (while watching SNL on Hulu)


As a side note: Happy Baby Dust – I finally managed to get line as dark on my OPK which is a first and I have cramping… I am so totally ovulating right now, I did a happy dance naked in front of Tyler this morning to which Tyler asked… why are we naked dancing 🙂 So Good Luck to everyone and happy days ahead for all.



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