Unable to hit the bullseye

17 Sep

Pee Stick

Pee Strip

Pee in Cup


Means Pee on my own hand OR totally miss the absorbent tip and pee all over the plastic case.

This has become a huge problem for me. Its really super bad. I pee on myself each time and this has only started to happen in the last week or so.  I am not sure why, because I pee like a cow.

No Really. I do.


I can literally just slightly bend forward and pee and I am shooting out a stream like 4 feet behind me. Its really helpful when hiking or when you are super drunk (not that I have been in a long time… Alcohol, I miss you!). Tyler is actually very proud of this ability I have… I am also double jointed in my elbows as well as my hips.


Anyway, this has only started in the last week or so and I am thinking its because I have kinda stopped hoping for the double matching line on my ovulation kit. Why have I given up? Well, I am trying to relax about things (and I am doing that pretty poorly) and its alot easier to not expect anything than to be disappointed.  So I think I am being lax and thus peeing on my hand.


I do feel confident about this month though, We are on a pretty regular every other night schedule and I am paying alot more attention to my body. I am just waiting for my body to say YES I AM OVULATING.


So Ill wait til then… BUT If you see me in the near future, just so you know, I do wash my hands very well after testing 🙂 Dont worry!


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