Guaifenesin (Bless you?)

13 Sep

Apparently since Guaifenesin loosens mucus, it will also loosen Cervical mucus to make my body alittle bit more welcoming to Ty’s Spermies (that is the technical term for Sperm). Now there is not alot of research on whether or not Guaifenesin actually works with Fertility but some people swear by it – this is how its going to go down…

You should take a medicine with only Guaifenesin listed as the active ingredient. I bought CVS brand Mucinex basically, 400 mgs pills. I am going to take them every 4 hours as directed. I picked the CVS Mucinex because it is purely Guaifenesin, wheres the Robitussin had other ingredients and I had no idea what they were or could do (and I had to pee so I was short on time). You are supposed to ake it 5 days before Ovulation (including the day of ovulation) and usually two to three days after an OPK is positive. You keep your fingers crossed.

As a side note, you can sign up for Double Quarterly rewards at CVS if you sign up online – So do it!

CVS Chest Congestion Relief Tablets

Now this is totally odd because I am literally not taking any meds unless I am bleeding out. I mean nothing, Zip, Zero. But I really would like to try to get pregnant. I told Ty this last night and he told me he didnt know how he felt about it. He did say that if we do get a positive this month he is NOT attributing it to the Guaifenesin.

As a side note, I think we didn’t get pregnant last month because I ovulate later in the cycle and I was

a. Sicker then anything and literally could not keep my eyes open, so sex was the LAST thing on my mind

b. Ty was putting in 12 hour days on the job

c. I think we were sexed out. We overdid it on the sex during the first two weeks. Which was Great seriously, GREAT. But after like day 16 of August… we both were like sick of it. Is that possible? We are trying not to do that this month. We have had moderate sex but we are not on a schedule (well we are shooting for every other day)

d. not in the master plan of Tyler and Mariann – and that is okay because you know what, whatever will be will be… please remind me that I wrote that when its two days before my expected period and I am flipping out going “am i or am I not?!?!”

So I picked up the Generic Mucinex last night and took it immediately!

Please note – I am not a medical doctor and some people may disagree with this post. I should note that prolonged use of Guaifenesin has been linked possibly with Fibromyalgia and of course, taking any medication without a doctors instruction can lead to side effects and interactions with other medications.

Here is a great article should you want more information:

Happy Thursday!


2 Responses to “Guaifenesin (Bless you?)”

  1. Kathryn September 13, 2012 at 11:44 am #

    I have heard of Guaifenesin working too. Hope the Mucinex works and that you will need a suction hose to deal with all that EWCM! lol πŸ™‚

  2. Mare September 13, 2012 at 12:58 pm #

    HAHAHA – It is alittle bit Moist (I hate that word as an FYI – I will do a post on illegal words one day) down there but its good. Update your blog lady, I want to know how you are doing πŸ™‚

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