The Eruption

12 Sep

Ahhhh the journey of trying to have a baby.


Its become pretty standard for me to put a pillow under my bum and put my legs in the air after sex. Just for good measure. I mean, can it hurt, no… does it look silly. YES.

So Ty and I have this little romp. It was very welcome and unexpected and wonderful. I proceed to put the pillow under my bum (you know to help things along) and put my feet proudly in the air… THEN IT HAPPENED….



Now imagine a different kind of Lip and bubbles that were alittle bit thicker if you will… So I guess during the deed some air got into the old gal and how ever I was laying… pushed that air right back out…. In Tylers face. Ty was pulling on his boxers and in the bent over position that just happened to be bent over my lady bits….


Tyler was literally standing RIGHT THERE. And there were noises. Queefs. So there are two Queefs that are like volcanic eruptions spewing fluids out of my vajayjay at Tyler. He kinda gets startled, jumps back and goes “REALLY”. At this point, I start to laugh, I can’t help it. And the laughing pushes more air out so you just get puffs of air coming out in sync with my laughter.


We are both laughing at this point. I put my legs down and remove the pillow, Im not fertile right now anyway so really its not needed…


But during the weekend… randomly Tyler would start blowing bubbles out of his mouth and start laughing. How can you not? I mean, its pretty hysterical.



Baby Dust and Happy Trying to all!


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