It’s About To Get Sexy with alittle bit of Vomit

8 Sep

So me and Prenatal Vitamins have a love hate relationship. I love what they do for me but hate the way they make my stomach feel. When I was pregnant in 2010 the Doctor gave me a prescription for prenatals and they were okay. I could take them in the morning and only feel slightly sick to my tummy. After I had the ectopic pregnancy I did not take them for at least 3 months as per the Doc. So when I could start taking them again, being a good future pregnant lady, I did. I went to CVS and bought the Gummy Prenatals. They are crack to me. I want to eat them ALL the time. It seriously was the highlight of my day taking them. No upset stomach, taste like candy but really good for you. It was great.

Vitafusion Prenatal Gummy Vitamins Assorted Flavor

I also would make Ty take them when he was hung over – Cured him right up.

Fast forward to about two months ago when I needed to reup my supple. CVS was having a buy one get one free sale on a specific brand of Prenatals Gelcaps. I bought them. Why not right?

Nature's Bounty Your Life Multi Prenatal Multivitamins

WRONG. So I have to take these vitamins after eating which is fine but they need to be taken after eating Carbs, otherwise, I throw up. I cant take them right before a meal either because I will need to excuse myself and throw up. Its horrible. So I am on my second bottle and dying to finish it so I can go back to Gummy Land. I also refuse to just throw them out and get new ones because I dont want to waste money, even though they were technically free. I am going to power through this.

Fast Forward – One night before bed I realized I did not take my vitamin. I decide what the hell, I already ate (Cucumber Salad & Soup & Strawberries with Cream) so I thought I would be okay. Remember that I said I need to eat carbs with them or I get sick… Yeah, I didnt remember that.

We get ready for bed and sexy time starts to happen. Its going well until about three minutes into it, as I am kissing Tyler, I feel that wetness in my throat. I was like CRAP. So I sit up and say “I am going to be sick” and Ty’s like “um okay”. I go into the bathroom stand there for a second and then ask Ty to get me water… As he walks out of the bathroom, I puke.

Strawberries and Cream.

WORST SMELL EVER. Seriously, it had been about an hour since I ate them and my stomach was well into digesting them. It was Wretched. Ty comes back and I just grab the water from him before he can come into the bathroom because no one should need to smell that… and I drink the water… feel better… clean myself up and yell “Are we still doing this?” to Ty. I am so romantic, right?

Ty said well I guess… So I get back into bed, he smells me, my hands, my face, my mouth and decides its okay to proceed since I did not smell like throw up. I go to kiss him and he kisses me BESIDES my mouth. He then goes, “I am afraid you are going to throw up in my mouth”.

This ladies and gentleman is literally the hottest few moments in my life. I mean really, cant a girl catch a break?

We happily had a lovely evening after that. Now I know that some women, who are already pregnant, will switch to Flintstones Vitamins because of the sickness regular prenatals give them. I am hoping that My Gummys and I can tough out a pregnancy together. I am also acutely aware that since they are sour, I may have indigestion with them… Okay… I may is really I will. I am fearing heart burn city while pregnant. I know its going to happen to me.

Before anyone jumps on me, I do know that the Vita Fusion gummys lack Iron and that could be an issue. I did tell my Ob/Gyn what I was taking (both kinds) and she said that if that works for me right now, awesome. She also said If things change when I get pregnant, then we can look at other ones. Have I mentioned that I love her? (If anyone is looking for an awesome OBGYN practice you should check out Maitri Healthcare in South Burlington Vermont). Also, With taking any vitamins these are supplements to your diet. Eating Healthy, Well balanced meals are key.


Hoping that everyone has a good sexy time this month šŸ™‚ sans the vomit!


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