Out of the Interweb

7 Sep

I will be traveling this weekend to Philadelphia to go to a housewarming party for Marty and Mike, remember Marty? He walked me down the aisle. So I will probably be taking the weekend off from posting, Although Staying with my mother (while using an Ovulation Kit and being on a schedule for sexy time) should lend to some funny story. I am sure that Ty will shut Sexy time down… he always gets weirded out in my moms house. Its kinda funny.

I hope you all get the above photo – Its Always Sunny In Philadelphia – 🙂

I can tell you that the weekend will involve:


  • my mom asking Tyler to fix something for her
  • my mom asking how she gets DSL (she still has dial up)
  • my mom asking if we can go to CVS together so she can print some photos because she doesn’t know how to do it
  • Me rolling my eyes
  • WAWA
  • Tyler and I arguing over finding a parking spot in the city and that will lead into a horrible parallel parking job and thus a fight about that after we get out of the car… then us pretending everything is okay as Marty and Mike open their front door.
  • My Mom asking when Ty and I are moving back to Philadelphia (Answer is NEVER)

So I will keep you all posted (not on moving but in general about the weekend).



Update: we are delayed and I’m reading the girlfriends guide to pregnancy (I’m not pregnant yet but im trying to be prepared. And I will read past the 5 weeks part, I feel confident about this month, my ovulation kit and I have found an understanding and I like my calendar I made). I’m sitting here trying not to cry because

A. I want a baby that bad

B. I just love ty so much

C. I’m excited and scared

D. I’m over tired

Anyway… I’m ready, I’m excited, and over thinking because I have too much time on my hands.

Also there is someone who has the wicked farts here and I have not heard Ryan Calabria or whatever his name is (the one that dated Ashlee Simpson on her reality show)’s song on the way down as many times as I have today in my life. I think the Muzak system is broke in the BTV airport.


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